Homework #7 Food Photography for Art vs Food Photography for Marketing

Food photography for art is more manipulative than food photography for marketing. What i mean by this is that when the photography is for art it can be made to be whatever the photographer wants it to be while photography for marketing is more of a “by the book” type of photography. Art photography can be made to look ugly, messy, and beautiful all in the same shot. Food photography for marketing is more of the pretty flawless picture that we’re all mostly used to. We can all be food art photographers all you need is a phone with a decent camera, a social network like Instagram, Facebook, or twitter, a few bucks for lunch and voila! A lot of people take their food photography seriously and even make a living of it. Martin Parr was a realistic photographer when it came down to his food photography. A lot of people now a days are getting paid to make restaurants look good and to paint the pretty picture to bring it clientele. Absolutely nothing wrong with either. However because we’re used to everything being photographed without flaws and made to be seen as edible we tend to forget that nothing and no one is perfect. For example when we see a commercial for McDonald’s and see a cheeseburger that looks pretty darn good and when it comes down to it the item looks nothing like the picture of commercial. McDonald’s and other commercialized franchises do the exact same thing. Martin Parr shows the good, the bad, and the imperfect which more people should appreciate. I mean why wouldn’t you? Because it isn’t beautiful? There is beauty in everything. I do not prefer one or the other but a less manipulated and raw/uncensored approach would be more appreciated. Yes, i like my food to look nice and be presented lovely but if it looks perfect on a picture and not perfect on my plate you are selling me dreams! Be about it!

Ahmet D. HW # 7

After I read the article ” Food Instagrammers Turn Their Accounts Into Professions” on the Wall Street Journal, it is really amazing that how people take advantage of the technology and applications for marketing. I believe that any kind of photography can be an art. Famous instagrammers visit places and photograph some food, hired by the owners, and marketing places. Nowadays, everyone needs to take advantage on everything to be more successful and grow their business. Either an artist could photograph any kind of food and make millions and call this as an “ART” but an instagrammers photographs any type of food in a restaurant to make money or marketing and this doesn’t consider as an “ART.” Both people make money in different ways. I really don’t see the differences in between, although  I don’t look at food photographs on instagram as a marketing strategy.

Homework #8: Robert Capa’s Death of a Loyalist Soldier

Falling Soldier

Robert Capa, “Death of a Loyalist Soldier” 1936

At the age of 23, Robert Capa took a photograph that many have labeled the greatest war photograph of all time. Taken during the Spanish Civil War, the renown of Capa’s photograph, Falling Soldier or Death of a Loyalist Soldier, reverberated around the world as it was published and republished in contemporary news magazines. However, Capa’s photo has been shadowed by controversy, including accusations of fakery. Read an analysis on the image by Capa’s biographer, Robert Whelan, on the authenticity of the photograph. Do you find his arguments convincing? Do you think Capa’s photograph is staged or not? And do you think its authenticity matters?

Richard Whelan’s discussion of Capa’s photograph

Please post your responses by Monday, December 7th.


Homework #7

Instagram is the best social media for any kind of advertising. For example, food photography and food photographers are so popular in these days. After reading the Wall Street Journal article, it’s very easy to understand that Instagram is a media portal that people want to make a business in there. However, I am an Instagrammer for almost 4 years. It’s @newyorkerdem I have worked for many companies but the biggest one was, I had an opportunity to work with NYC government for advertising of NYC. Some of my friends who take food photos, they became so much popular, I will give some accounts that you can look their food photos, it is like an art @carissa_burton , @acupofkeen , @rach.esq , @ezgipolat @zynp . These photographers are so talented and they are the best on their job. They usually charge per post like regular Instagrammers. It starts around $150 to goes up to $500 and once they post their images, new people start to follow company’s account and visit the store. Therefore, they do kind of marketing. I hope this would not finish. Otherwise, all these beautiful accounts will disappear.

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Homework#7 Instagram is art?

After reading the Wall Street Journal article it was clear to me that Instagram and technology went on to a whole new level and that level is art. It was interesting to me to see how people from Instagram can make a business off of taking pictures of food as well take there picture just like professional. From art back in the day to photography that’s taken every single day by normal people who aren’t artist show a little of art in each picture. However art isn’t the same type of art it use to be since  technology grew and creativity isn’t used that much since your hi tech editing app on your phone can do all the work for you. It is also amazing to see that Instagram picture that are taken of food are considering to be marketable where they become reviews for restaurants where owner of restaurants  would pay the instagrammer to come and try there food for free just for a review and there picture being taken because of the amount of follower and attraction  that this  person has on there Instagram. However I prefer more of the old school art instead of the art that is consider amazing now. After seeing the gallery of art of photo taken by Martin Parr I’ve seen which one would be consider art to me and it would be Martin Parr since the picture that are taken by Parr were photograph that had more of a meaning to them where the effort was being shown instead of just taking a normal photograph of food and filtering it Matt Pars had a different idea of creativity. I would prefer art anyday before marketing since it is a sense of pride and dedication and also effort that was being made when these photo are taken instead of marketing the meaning to it isn’t for the art it is for the money.

Homework #7

Instagram has become one of the easiest ways to get thoughts out. Using it to publicize a restaurant, person or a particular place is just as simple. We eat with our eyes and that’s something we all know. Knowing that a “regular” person liked this meal so much they had to post it and share their thoughts means a lot to some people. When you look at an ad from McDonalds on their Big Mac sandwich, it looks good, but you know when you go there it’s all smushed and looks nothing like how it’s advertised. It’s a lot more comforting to go off a person that is taking pictures of an experience, opposed to someone that it is their job to make it look good or artistic.

Food photography for art or marketing

I believe food photography for marketing is just for an advertising stand point.  For marketing you want to get your brand out there and make it known. You want things to look appealing to the audience you’re trying to attract. When taking photographs you have to make sure you get the correct angle to find the correct picture. Usually when you take pictures of something, you usually take them from multiple angles to see what shot looks the best . I just think food photography for marketing pictures are manipulated to fit what they feel people may buy.

Food photography art is more of a unmanipulated and natural form of art. You capture the picture of the food in its natural state and not centered to be published on something. You capture the natural beauty. You don’t need to change the angle of how you take a picture, you just take the picture and capture the rawness of the plate. When it comes to food photography for marketing you’re trying to capture an image with someone in mind. When capturing an image for the art of it you don’t consider anything you just take the picture.

I don’t prefer one over the other but I do understand both concepts. With marketing food photography, you can bring in more clientele to your business. Someone may see a picture of food and see the place that makes it and may want to try it out. Food photography for marketing can get your brand name out there. Food photography for art shows the beauty of food in its natural state. Nothing is altered. It makes you want to try it that much more.

HW 7: Food Photography – Art or Marketing

From the article “Food InstagrammersTurn Accounts Into Professions” of the Wall Street Journal, it is exciting to see how professional instagrammers have been taking the food photography to a new level. They combine both art and advertizing which makes their job fun and adventurous, at the same time, makes them recognized among other bloggers.

Food Photography can be looked at either as an art or marketing form. Food photography art is meant for the photographers to express their creativity and personal vision as well as for the vievers to enjoy. Food photography for maketing is to advertize the dish itself and make potential customers come into the place. To me, photography of food that is used in marketing and advertizing is meant to be more exaggerated, more fancy since it is used to bring more eyes drawn to it. It is all about making pictures look good enough to eat and to compel people to order the food being shown. While the art form of food photography could be left as it is to showcase the naturality and simplicity to be appreciated as an art. I personally take pictures of diiferent spots such as restaurants, coffeeshops, luncheonettes as wll as dishes and drinks they offer which in my opinion represent my own art and vision of certain objects and places. It feels good when friends of mine or other people who just follow my account give a feedback of the places I post. It is kind of informative and interesting to see others’ opinions and see what styles of kitchen or places seem to them most enjoyable to visit. It is a learning experience for all.

Speaking of marketing and art forms of the photography of food, I don’t prefer one over the other. Everyone takes pictures for their own purpose but we all do it to share our experience with others.




HW 7

There are many differences from food photography for marketing and food photography for art. Food photography for marketing is more focused on the food and has mostly everything else blurred out this way the food stands out and is what your eye is drawn to. With food marketing it makes the food seem very appetizing and the colors seem to be more powerful this way. With photography for art seems to be more bland. The food in these photos seem to be nothing special and is just used as a prop. They are not focused on the food product for the most part. When food is photographed for art they are trying to send a message other then the food in the photo. I do not have a preference, both are beautiful art works and everyone can enjoy.