Homework #7

Instagram is the best social media for any kind of advertising. For example, food photography and food photographers are so popular in these days. After reading the Wall Street Journal article, it’s very easy to understand that Instagram is a media portal that people want to make a business in there. However, I am an Instagrammer for almost 4 years. It’s @newyorkerdem I have worked for many companies but the biggest one was, I had an opportunity to work with NYC government for advertising of NYC. Some of my friends who take food photos, they became so much popular, I will give some accounts that you can look their food photos, it is like an art @carissa_burton , @acupofkeen , @rach.esq , @ezgipolat @zynp . These photographers are so talented and they are the best on their job. They usually charge per post like regular Instagrammers. It starts around $150 to goes up to $500 and once they post their images, new people start to follow company’s account and visit the store. Therefore, they do kind of marketing. I hope this would not finish. Otherwise, all these beautiful accounts will disappear.

food food2 food3I

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