Homework#7 Instagram is art?

After reading the Wall Street Journal article it was clear to me that Instagram and technology went on to a whole new level and that level is art. It was interesting to me to see how people from Instagram can make a business off of taking pictures of food as well take there picture just like professional. From art back in the day to photography that’s taken every single day by normal people who aren’t artist show a little of art in each picture. However art isn’t the same type of art it use to be since  technology grew and creativity isn’t used that much since your hi tech editing app on your phone can do all the work for you. It is also amazing to see that Instagram picture that are taken of food are considering to be marketable where they become reviews for restaurants where owner of restaurants  would pay the instagrammer to come and try there food for free just for a review and there picture being taken because of the amount of follower and attraction  that this  person has on there Instagram. However I prefer more of the old school art instead of the art that is consider amazing now. After seeing the gallery of art of photo taken by Martin Parr I’ve seen which one would be consider art to me and it would be Martin Parr since the picture that are taken by Parr were photograph that had more of a meaning to them where the effort was being shown instead of just taking a normal photograph of food and filtering it Matt Pars had a different idea of creativity. I would prefer art anyday before marketing since it is a sense of pride and dedication and also effort that was being made when these photo are taken instead of marketing the meaning to it isn’t for the art it is for the money.

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