HW #10

Going through all of these photos its funny how needy all these famous people are. The special request like Lady Gaga and her cheese. How needy are these people!? The amazing thing about these photos is how every artist has a different palette. I really enjoy the style in which the photos are taken. With the black background and the food places in fancy china. Its also interesting that all these request are always favored, of course because these people have money!

Homework #10

I’m very surprised about this pictures. The photographer Henry hargreaves have a great style taking picture. I’m very interested how artist request some many thing that are very rare. All the picture that this photographer  is so amazing because have something special that get people attention.

Homework 10

The photographer Henry Hargreaves has a great eye to capture photos. A majority of celebrities have very strong strange request while there on the road. The photos taken by Henry all look amazing and have a black background making everything in the photo pop more. One photo I really enjoy is the photo of the jack Daniels. The colors are popping from the glass making the alcohol look more appealing with the dark background. Most of the request that these musicians asked for were a little out of line and were all captured in an amazing way.

Homework #10 (last one!): What do Rock Stars eat behind stage? Reply

The more I scrolled down the more I laughed not because I was mocking these idols but because have of these things I can relate to. We all have our craving, though Busta Rhymes is a lil creepy, I don’t want to know why he would need condoms while eating, but that’s what calms him down. These are their comfort foods. Their childhood favorite, even something they can’t have on a regular basis and now a GOLDEN door of opportunity has opened up for them. Foo Fighters is one that really had me crying, because just looking at something like that I feel sorry for those “self-conscious” men out there.

Homework 10

The musicians request seems weird and normal at the same time.What really makes it interesting is how he manuiplates the photos to keep the viewers imagining the type of artist these celebrities are.One photo that made me think more was the two bags of corn starch.The way the slit to open it was toward the bottom and some leaked out onto the table, that would make a view visual other things than cornstarch.Another thing that was shocking was the framed picture of Princess Diana.It really just made me wonder if she thinks of herself as a princess before she performs.The only other thing that really surprised me was that you would think singers need water, or some tea with honey or orange juice and those weren’t request at all.I respect that they want real food like juicy backed chicken seasoned instead of a Caesar salad with grill chicken.After a long night of performing one could only hope for something that satisfies there taste buds.

HW 10: Backstage Riders

Henry Hargreaves’s photo series is truly interesting work that requires a big thought and/or effort to it. I love the way photographs are set up, the arrangement reminds me of a still life commercial or editorial. There is a great sharp contrast between a dark background and the subject in every shot. I agree with the photographer, these works do offer us a glimse into the celebrities’ lives and portray the famous musicians’ personalities. Every performer’s decription is very specific, which make them all different so we can actually identify some of these people. I also have noticed that the foods celebrities request are quite unhealthy. It must be some kind of comfort foods that help them ease the nerves before performing.

HW #10

I must say these photos were hilarious. I must also say that i am not the least bit surprised at the outrageous requests from these celebrities. You hear the stories of the rockstar lifestyle, the nights full of alchohol, drugs, and sex but whos to say what really occurs behind closed doors? I was never the type to wish i was rich and famous but i guess the experience, to know what it is like would be nice. However, nonsmelly cheese? Thats probably the best kind! I just can’t see myself being that ridiculous just because of my status. But then again i can’t judge anyone for their lifestyle. I read an article recently of Arethra Franklin attending a broadway show by herself and just her body guards. It was said that she was being obnoxious taking pictures of the show when she even isn’t allowed to. People would complain but when they found out who it was they totally disregarded it because she was Arethra Frankin. And its completely off topic but it makes me wonder how many celebrities get away with things just because of their status. You would think they were normal like we are but they are far from it. I’ll stick to being my regular boring basic self lol .

HW 10

The photographer Henry Hargreaves captures many great photos. Many celebrities make very unusual requests when they go on tour. They are very specific with what they want. I guess when you are that famous you can anything that you want done. The photos taken by Henry Hargreaves all have a black background. This really emphasizes on what is being photographed. Most of the foods being requested are very unhealthy. Most people would consider them as comfort foods. All celebrities need that before performing to get into the scene of 50000 plus people waiting to see you. (Have a great holiday!)


Homework #10 special request from backstage!!!

After reading the article I find it hilarious and also ridiculous to see what celebrities ask for backstage when it comes to the special food that they requested. When you see what these celebrities eat backstage it is true that you can also see there personality as well which is not a surprise for some of them. after seeing what these celebrities were having some were shocking and should be embarrassing as well to order what they wanted. My favorite one of them all was seeing what busta rhymes have requested for backstage which was ” twenty-four pieces of fried chicken, Rough rider condoms, Guinness”. Now I have to say that is one ghetto requested but well expected from the street rapper with a new York attitude as well in it. Another order that I have expected was from BeyoncĂ© which was ” Juicy baked chicken, heavily seasoned: garlic, sea salt, black pepper,  and cayenne pepper. and to top it all of BeyoncĂ© only can have Pepsi products”. This makes clear sense since growing up I’ve seen BeyoncĂ© in tons of Pepsi commercial. Now this is what I call a backstage request from celebrities showing there real selves.

Musicians requests on tour

I find it funny that not one thing requested is healthy. It’s interesting to think of what they ask for to in some way either ease their nerves or just mess with people. It’s a good thing to have something that reminds you of home or to have something to just make you laugh. If I were in the position to make demands it would be varieties of cheeses and cured meats and maybe some crackers.