HW #10

I must say these photos were hilarious. I must also say that i am not the least bit surprised at the outrageous requests from these celebrities. You hear the stories of the rockstar lifestyle, the nights full of alchohol, drugs, and sex but whos to say what really occurs behind closed doors? I was never the type to wish i was rich and famous but i guess the experience, to know what it is like would be nice. However, nonsmelly cheese? Thats probably the best kind! I just can’t see myself being that ridiculous just because of my status. But then again i can’t judge anyone for their lifestyle. I read an article recently of Arethra Franklin attending a broadway show by herself and just her body guards. It was said that she was being obnoxious taking pictures of the show when she even isn’t allowed to. People would complain but when they found out who it was they totally disregarded it because she was Arethra Frankin. And its completely off topic but it makes me wonder how many celebrities get away with things just because of their status. You would think they were normal like we are but they are far from it. I’ll stick to being my regular boring basic self lol .

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