HW 10

The photographer Henry Hargreaves captures many great photos. Many celebrities make very unusual requests when they go on tour. They are very specific with what they want. I guess when you are that famous you can anything that you want done. The photos taken by Henry Hargreaves all have a black background. This really emphasizes on what is being photographed. Most of the foods being requested are very unhealthy. Most people would consider them as comfort foods. All celebrities need that before performing to get into the scene of 50000 plus people waiting to see you. (Have a great holiday!)


HW # 9

Robert Frank photographs are not artistic in my eyes. The photos are very simple even thought they have a deeper meaning to them. All of his photos have a story and a reason why he took the photo. He does capture many moments in history like segregation. Many of the photos are Americans going on about there life and between it all, Frank was able to capture many great photos of  segregation.  After watching the video of unseen photos of Robert Frank and flipping through his book in class I can get a sense  of what America was like in the 1950s. Robert Frank did a great job on the book even though most of the photos are very simple and seems like not much thought was out into it before taking the photo.

HW 8

After reading Robert Capa: In Love and War I am convinced that the photo is fake. Like it says in the article “Federico could have posed for the photograph before he was killed,” along with the pictures on the side of the article proves everything was staged. The argument they made was not conveying at all. Just by looking at the picture it seems to stiff and well planned out for it to be real. In the article they compare 2 photos and you can see the difference in the facial expression. During a war everything around you would be dirty bloody and have other soldiers around you. This is not the case with Rovert Capas photo taking during the Civil war.

HW 7

There are many differences from food photography for marketing and food photography for art. Food photography for marketing is more focused on the food and has mostly everything else blurred out this way the food stands out and is what your eye is drawn to. With food marketing it makes the food seem very appetizing and the colors seem to be more powerful this way. With photography for art seems to be more bland. The food in these photos seem to be nothing special and is just used as a prop. They are not focused on the food product for the most part. When food is photographed for art they are trying to send a message other then the food in the photo. I do not have a preference, both are beautiful art works and everyone can enjoy.


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It is what gives you energy thought the day and keeps you focused. the most important nutrients come from breakfast meals such as eggs and fruit. Me personally love eating fruits in the morning with a glass of orange juice. Breakfast is very essential to our everyday live. Americans have the most unhealthiest meals for breakfast. Just taking a look at what a diner offers will blow your mind. For us it is normal because we have been accustomed to the unhealthy breakfast offered. The overload of sugar in Americans breakfast is what makes our country is obese.

HW #5

Walker Evans way of photagraphy is unusual because notonly only are the people in the photos not showing any emotion, but Walker Evens gets close to take the photo of the subway riders. Being this close up makes the photo seem awkward.  Many of his photos are taken from the waist up. Not much has changed in subwayriders today. Many people in Evans photos are holing a book or newspaper. Today we see iPhones, iPads, and kindles being used by subway riders. In a way subway riders are still doing what they did years ago, reading and minding their own business. In one of the photos I noticed a man was playing the accordion with a little jar tied in with a string for anyone who wanted to spare him some change. This has not changed one bit, every morning on the subway you will run into someone wanting some money in exchange of them playing an instrument for you or dancing. In many ways people have not changed the way they act on the subway. Even through the facial expressions are almost identical, not showing any emotion on the daily commute to work or school.

HW #4

After watching the video i noticed it took a significant amount of people to serve the king. In the kitchen it took a lot of people to prep the 3 course meal. Every single piece of food was well thought out for the king before serving him.  Every occasion has its own significant food that you can relate it to and determine your status. For example for Thanksgiving depending on how much food you have on the table can communicate how wealthy you are. The more choices you have o pick from shows you are well off and vice versa.


Pancakes & Fruit

Texture is very important when taking pictures of food. Without texture the picture seems to be very plain and doesn’t give it a realistic look.Some of the best photographers add texture to there photos. In the picture below is mu breakfast and I added some extras on the plate to get some texture. I added the syrup and that is what really gives the picture some texture. It looks as if the syrup is 3D. The small detail I added with the strawberries overlapping each other also gives the picture some more texture. Placing a pineapple in the background gives the photo some dimension to it as well. FullSizeRender (1)

HW# 2

Soldiers during the Civil War had a tough time staying alert on the battlefield after long periods of time. The most fascinating thing about the soldiers during that time is that they couldn’t live without coffee. They would go to any extent to make coffee. In the article published in the New York Times written by Jon Grinspan said that the soldiers would get water from canteens and puddles, brackish bays and Mississippi mud and liquid their horses would not drink just to produce coffee. Coffee was considered a weapon in the civil war and the soldiers would be sent out when they were most caffeinated. Even in today’s world coffee is relied on by many Americans to keep them running throughout the day. Coffee is great especially if you didn’t get enough sleep from the day before and need to be up very early. I for one am a huge Dunkin Dounuts fan and make my Dunkin run every morning just like the soldiers did during the Civil War.


Homework #1: Photographing Food

Taking pictures of food has become very normal in the past couple of years. Technology is changing rapidly and phone cameras are becoming better by the years. Watching the commercial of the “iPhone 5” by comedian Adam Sacks produced a spoof commercial and it emphasizes on how good the camera on the iPhone has become.  Even scrolling down you Facebook/Instagram news feed you will see at least 4 to 5 pictures of food that your friends have ordered or they made at home. Photography of food is a great way to express your creations in the kitchen. This is becoming more popular throughout all cultures. Having all different cultures post pictures of what they are eating teaches the viewer more and more about that particular culture. For example one of my friends always posts pictures of what he is eating and what restaurant the dish was made at. This widely exposes the different restaurant and foods we are surrounded by. Taking photos of food is a great way to spread the knowledge to others and helps restaurant’s gain exposure. Even with the iPhone camera you don’t get the full experience of eating that food, but still get to enjoy a piece of your friend’s food. Keep the pictures coming!