Homework #1: Photographing Food

Taking pictures of food has become very normal in the past couple of years. Technology is changing rapidly and phone cameras are becoming better by the years. Watching the commercial of the “iPhone 5” by comedian Adam Sacks produced a spoof commercial and it emphasizes on how good the camera on the iPhone has become.  Even scrolling down you Facebook/Instagram news feed you will see at least 4 to 5 pictures of food that your friends have ordered or they made at home. Photography of food is a great way to express your creations in the kitchen. This is becoming more popular throughout all cultures. Having all different cultures post pictures of what they are eating teaches the viewer more and more about that particular culture. For example one of my friends always posts pictures of what he is eating and what restaurant the dish was made at. This widely exposes the different restaurant and foods we are surrounded by. Taking photos of food is a great way to spread the knowledge to others and helps restaurant’s gain exposure. Even with the iPhone camera you don’t get the full experience of eating that food, but still get to enjoy a piece of your friend’s food. Keep the pictures coming!


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