Homework #4

So many people to serve one man dinner. Every detail was planned out and each one of those details were delegated to a different person. Having that many servants is an obvious sign of the level of power the king has.

In our time servants and food are still a communication status, as well as a feeling. In a social environment things like lobster, caviar and steak are representations of the rich, whereas burgers and fried chicken are more for people in the ghetto. This is something that is based on not only by price and quality but society.

When a person wants to have a party and show off what they have or give off an impression of status, food is simple way representing that. Having a special event with the right setting at a hall or some sort of venue, the food offered is a representation of yourself. You are hand picking what you want to offer others and to show them the quality of life you enjoy. Would you like for people to see you as the filet mignon person or the burger and fries person?



Homework #2

I honestly think caffeine is more mental then anything else. In the time of the Civil War, coffee was more something to look forward to, as it is still today. Since I’ve worked for Starbucks for over 6 years now, I’ve encountered some odd people. One thing that I’ve learned about the coffee we brew is the lighter a coffee is roasted the more caffeine the beans hold. Almost every day I have the same conversation about our blonde, medium, and dark roasts. A lot of people will say how the blonde never wakes them up how they need that dark roast to keep them going. I always politely explain to them that even though it isn’t a great difference but the blonde roast contains more caffeine then the darker roasts and why. Sometimes people will take the info and go with it, but others think I don’t know what I’m talking about. This is why I believe that coffee is just placebo to remind you that you have to be up and get through this day.

I can get through this day now that I got my coffee.

I know I’ll be alert once I’m out there on the battlefield now that I’ve had some coffee.

-Peter Tapia


P.S. I Love Cheese and I can’t imagine a world without it. Give me a good Cheese and Meat plate and I’m happy… add some wine and you’ve made my day.


Food Photography


What’s a better way to engage in conversation but to share what you’re about to eat. It’s that one thing that everyone knows, food. In the digital age that we live in, sometimes, pictures and videos can say so much more, opposed to just talking. Sharing a picture of the brunch you had with a group of friends puts a timestamp on that moment, leaving you to remember that day and all of its glory or even faults. I love seeing what my friends post especially when it’s of a meal from a random place I’ve never been to. Most of my adventures revolve around a new restaurant that someone posted a picture of on some sort of social media and I know I’m not the only person that runs their lives around good people and food. Photography of food pushes chefs and those involved in any meal to make sure that it will look as good as it will taste. And that’s an innovation that I keep enjoying.


I would like to share my brunch from earlier today. Eggs Benedict with smoked salmon on an english muffin along side home fries and a sliced tomato at The Astor Room in Kauffman Studios Astoria.

IMG_5552 (1)

-Peter Tapia.