Homework #2

In the article, “How Coffee Fueled the Civil War” Coffee may have fueled the civil war soldiers but honestly, I really do not think that it would have sustained me. From the article, it seems that having coffee was the highlight of their day and give them a sense of safety after their battles. Some people cannot begin their day right if they had not have that initial cup of coffee. In America there are many people who are addicted to coffee and do not even realize it. Coffee contains Caffeine, Caffeine is a drug and some people can become addicted to caffeine. It is very difficult to quit drinking coffee and when you do try, there are many negative effects on your body as it is with any other drug. I personally cannot possibly do without some type of meat. Growing up in a Roman Catholic family was somewhat hard, especially during Lent when we were supposed to give up something for that period. It was always meat of course, but we were able to eat fish, which is not as good as chicken, or beef. Today I still cannot eat a plate of food without meat
I always felt like the dish was not complete. However, that’s just me.

Curried Goat…Yummy!!!

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Stefania Koziolek

hw # 2





Terri Guillemets said “Coffee is the best thing to douse the sunrise with”. I can absolutely agree with it. Nowadays coffee is one of the most popular drink.Most people enjoy caffeine because of its effects on the brain. It increases dopamine in the brain; it makes us feel good .Throughout the Civil War, coffee was as prevalent on the battlefields
as it is in offices today.Coffee was also an essential part of a Civil War soldier’s routine.
Beyond caffeine cravings, Union troops loved their coffee because it was, literally, the best thing on the menu.I was suprised that soldiers during the Civil War were drinking that much coffee . It’s incredible that ,they made their coffee everywhere, and with everything.
” Coffee was often the last comfort troops enjoyed before entering battle, and the first sign of safety for those who survived”. I understand it ,because I love coffee .I can give up a lot but never coffee . It gives me a lot energy and I just feel better.

Ahmet D. Civil War


I think coffee was a necessary drink to keep the soldiers aware and heated also a big psychological boost for them. I think it was a great way to motivate the soldiers, I believe coffee was the only thing that reminds the home town to the soldiers and coffee was the best thing on the menu. It is very expensive and very hard to feed an army. They have to use very simple food and must be easy to cook and carry it one place to another. Also food has to stay good for a long time. You do not want to poison your soldiers by mistake during the war. The most fascinating thing about the Civil War is that they learnt very quickly how to manage their food and how to cook it.

The food that I cannot live without is the NUTELLA. I love it.  nutella_00028

homework two

Soldiers during the Civil War had a tough time staying on their feet while on the battlefield. The most intriguing part but the article that I read was how addicted the soldiers became to coffee and how much they used it. In the article how coffee fueled the Civil War it says “when times were good coffee accompanied Beef stew and oysters when they were bad it was wash down Raw salt pork and Hartack” this shows coffee was the good and bad . It helped accompany the good meals and help get through the rough ones. Coffee was maybe the only comfort soldiers had to look forward to before they stepped foot in the war zone and off of it. Unlike the Soldiers In the civil war I can’t live without my Dominican breakfast which consists of plantains, salami, egg and cheese. I have been enjoying this breakfast for all my life my body would most likely go through a withdraw like if it was drugs.mangu

HW 2: Food and Coffee in Civil War

It is fascinating how a caffeine addiction remained as one of the things that have been adapted from the times of the Civil War. Coffee was prevalent on the battle fields as it is in offices and schools nowadays. Without a doubt, coffee played an important role keeping soldiers awake and warm. Besides caffeine cravings, to get through the day, soldiers consumed a lot of coffee because it was the best thing out of everything they had. Typically, their meals consisted of salted meat, unleavened bread called “hardtack” and a little salt and sugar. One of the most imporant factors was also that coffee beans lasted for long and didn’t need any particular kind of preservation which enabled soldiers to carry it around. I personally am dependent on coffee. I love espresso drinks, essentially iced. It does not give me that much of an energy as it used to before, but it is definitely something I need to have everyday.

Homework #2

I honestly think caffeine is more mental then anything else. In the time of the Civil War, coffee was more something to look forward to, as it is still today. Since I’ve worked for Starbucks for over 6 years now, I’ve encountered some odd people. One thing that I’ve learned about the coffee we brew is the lighter a coffee is roasted the more caffeine the beans hold. Almost every day I have the same conversation about our blonde, medium, and dark roasts. A lot of people will say how the blonde never wakes them up how they need that dark roast to keep them going. I always politely explain to them that even though it isn’t a great difference but the blonde roast contains more caffeine then the darker roasts and why. Sometimes people will take the info and go with it, but others think I don’t know what I’m talking about. This is why I believe that coffee is just placebo to remind you that you have to be up and get through this day.

I can get through this day now that I got my coffee.

I know I’ll be alert once I’m out there on the battlefield now that I’ve had some coffee.

-Peter Tapia


P.S. I Love Cheese and I can’t imagine a world without it. Give me a good Cheese and Meat plate and I’m happy… add some wine and you’ve made my day.


Homework #2 Nobody can soldier without coffee

I don’t know why but when I think of Civil War era, I think tea. It shouldn’t really surprise me that soldiers depended on coffee since coffee plantations were popular during that time. It’s quick and easy to make, gives you warmth when you need it, and of course it gives you that power boost when you’re tired. No doubt it was a necessity in the army during this war. The quote, “Nobody can ‘soldier’ without coffee.” was used back then and I think it still applies now to everyday America. I definitely can’t get through my day without a cup of coffee or three and it’s definitely a huge part of the American culture. It never occurred to me that America’s dependency on coffee could have very well been rooted in our Civil War soldier’s reliance on it. I can say one thing for sure though, no one in this day and age is making their coffee with mud water, or “water even the horses wouldn’t drink”. If it ever came to that (which it wouldn’t, theres a Starbucks or Dunkin’ on every street corner) yeah, I’d give it up and walk around like the sleep-deprived zombie I really am.

A food I can’t live without… can’t live without any food.

Homework#2: America runs on coffee

I was never a big fan of coffee until I became a college student. During my very first finals week, I caught myself consuming coffee – not so much because of the bitter taste, but because of the energy that the caffeine would give me. When my body felt like shutting down, I would give it caffeine to push forward. During the time of the Civil War, soldiers were fighting for their lives – there was no time to be picky about food. It only makes sense that in order to continue, the Civil War soldiers must’ve consumed something to give them the energy to continue fighting. Soldiers felt dependent on coffee. It makes sense as to why there’s many coffee shops nowadays & as to why “America runs on Dunkin’”.

Homework #2 “Cant live without coffee”

This article fascinates me in so many ways and starting off with the way the coffee is made during the civil war and how coffee was made to fuel and give energy to the soldiers during the war and also the popular demand of coffee during the time. Finding out that coffee was like a weapon for soldiers during the civil war was amazing keeping the solider up and alert from any enemies. From back then and now coffee in society  runs the world with different companies and different types of coffee being made to energize us though out our day. Though out my day of class or work every morning I would need not a cup of hot coffee but a cup of ice coffee almost everyday. It sounds like an addiction but with out it my day would be tiring and would not be focused on anything. Same with the union troops feeling like if they didn’t have a cup of coffee they would be weak and destroyed by there enemies for not being focused on the battlefield. I would say the one thing I cant live without during my busy day would most definitely be ice coffee from dunkin donut with out it I wouldn’t be doing this homework right about now.


Mohammad Shehadeh


Homework #2: Food and Coffee in the Civil War

I’m a bit surprised to read that soldiers depended on coffee. I knew that many of them have to consume their food quickly and sometimes the food doesn’t look appetizing. I never heard anything about them depending on coffee. Coffee seemed really important to them, to the point where they made them anywhere with anything. It was the last thing they would enjoy before going into war. It’s understandable considering how most americans start their day with a cup of coffee. I drink coffee here and there. I don’t depend on coffee but maybe the circumstances would be different if I was in many of these soldiers position.