Homework #2 Nobody can soldier without coffee

I don’t know why but when I think of Civil War era, I think tea. It shouldn’t really surprise me that soldiers depended on coffee since coffee plantations were popular during that time. It’s quick and easy to make, gives you warmth when you need it, and of course it gives you that power boost when you’re tired. No doubt it was a necessity in the army during this war. The quote, “Nobody can ‘soldier’ without coffee.” was used back then and I think it still applies now to everyday America. I definitely can’t get through my day without a cup of coffee or three and it’s definitely a huge part of the American culture. It never occurred to me that America’s dependency on coffee could have very well been rooted in our Civil War soldier’s reliance on it. I can say one thing for sure though, no one in this day and age is making their coffee with mud water, or “water even the horses wouldn’t drink”. If it ever came to that (which it wouldn’t, theres a Starbucks or Dunkin’ on every street corner) yeah, I’d give it up and walk around like the sleep-deprived zombie I really am.

A food I can’t live without… can’t live without any food.

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