Homework #2: Food and Coffee in the Civil War

I’m a bit surprised to read that soldiers depended on coffee. I knew that many of them have to consume their food quickly and sometimes the food doesn’t look appetizing. I never heard anything about them depending on coffee. Coffee seemed really important to them, to the point where they made them anywhere with anything. It was the last thing they would enjoy before going into war. It’s understandable considering how most americans start their day with a cup of coffee. I drink coffee here and there. I don’t depend on coffee but maybe the circumstances would be different if I was in many of these soldiers position.

Homework #1: Photographing Food

Taking pictures of all types of food is something we see people doing everyday. I never understood why people did this, but I started to gain more interest once I started taking some of my hospitality classes. I started taking pictures of food because it was something new to me that I never had as far as taste and quality. The other reason why I started to take pictures is because of the way the food was presented in the plate. Pamela Hollinger, an independent radio programmer, said that she takes pictures of the food she is eating or the food she finished making and just show it off. I understand the feeling she gets when she receives comments about her postings. I like making food and asking family members their thoughts as far as the visual and taste. I like trying new things out and when it comes to food the visual part is very important since all of us eat with our eyes first. Joe Catterson, the general manager of Alinea restaurant in Chicago, said that there was a man who left his wife sitting on the table because he arrived with the wrong lens. I take pictures once in a while but I’m amazed that some people posts blogs everyday.