Homework #2 “Cant live without coffee”

This article fascinates me in so many ways and starting off with the way the coffee is made during the civil war and how coffee was made to fuel and give energy to the soldiers during the war and also the popular demand of coffee during the time. Finding out that coffee was like a weapon for soldiers during the civil war was amazing keeping the solider up and alert from any enemies. From back then and now coffee in society  runs the world with different companies and different types of coffee being made to energize us though out our day. Though out my day of class or work every morning I would need not a cup of hot coffee but a cup of ice coffee almost everyday. It sounds like an addiction but with out it my day would be tiring and would not be focused on anything. Same with the union troops feeling like if they didn’t have a cup of coffee they would be weak and destroyed by there enemies for not being focused on the battlefield. I would say the one thing I cant live without during my busy day would most definitely be ice coffee from dunkin donut with out it I wouldn’t be doing this homework right about now.


Mohammad Shehadeh


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