homework two

Soldiers during the Civil War had a tough time staying on their feet while on the battlefield. The most intriguing part but the article that I read was how addicted the soldiers became to coffee and how much they used it. In the article how coffee fueled the Civil War it says “when times were good coffee accompanied Beef stew and oysters when they were bad it was wash down Raw salt pork and Hartack” this shows coffee was the good and bad . It helped accompany the good meals and help get through the rough ones. Coffee was maybe the only comfort soldiers had to look forward to before they stepped foot in the war zone and off of it. Unlike the Soldiers In the civil war I can’t live without my Dominican breakfast which consists of plantains, salami, egg and cheese. I have been enjoying this breakfast for all my life my body would most likely go through a withdraw like if it was drugs.mangu

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