Homework #3

Texture in foods are varied; different foods have different texture, some are soft, some are hard and some are in between. I guess texture is a big part of cooking because you have to cook different things in many different ways to get them to the right texture for eating. I frankly don’t enjoy soft, mushy foods…if something gets too soft in my mouth while chewing I throw up (weird)…I’m so not looking forward to getting old because I don’t think I would like eating mushy foods. This past weekend I baked and iced cupcakes for the first time in my life (Yay me). The cupcake itself was soft, spongy and moist. The buttercream icing was silky smooth and sweet, the sugar and sprinkles gave the dessert a little crunch. Here’s a look at my delicious cupcakes. 🙂


Homework #2

In the article, “How Coffee Fueled the Civil War” Coffee may have fueled the civil war soldiers but honestly, I really do not think that it would have sustained me. From the article, it seems that having coffee was the highlight of their day and give them a sense of safety after their battles. Some people cannot begin their day right if they had not have that initial cup of coffee. In America there are many people who are addicted to coffee and do not even realize it. Coffee contains Caffeine, Caffeine is a drug and some people can become addicted to caffeine. It is very difficult to quit drinking coffee and when you do try, there are many negative effects on your body as it is with any other drug. I personally cannot possibly do without some type of meat. Growing up in a Roman Catholic family was somewhat hard, especially during Lent when we were supposed to give up something for that period. It was always meat of course, but we were able to eat fish, which is not as good as chicken, or beef. Today I still cannot eat a plate of food without meat…I always felt like the dish was not complete. However, that’s just me.

Curried Goat…Yummy!!!