HW# 2

Soldiers during the Civil War had a tough time staying alert on the battlefield after long periods of time. The most fascinating thing about the soldiers during that time is that they couldn’t live without coffee. They would go to any extent to make coffee. In the article published in the New York Times written by Jon Grinspan said that the soldiers would get water from canteens and puddles, brackish bays and Mississippi mud and liquid their horses would not drink just to produce coffee. Coffee was considered a weapon in the civil war and the soldiers would be sent out when they were most caffeinated. Even in today’s world coffee is relied on by many Americans to keep them running throughout the day. Coffee is great especially if you didn’t get enough sleep from the day before and need to be up very early. I for one am a huge Dunkin Dounuts fan and make my Dunkin run every morning just like the soldiers did during the Civil War.


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