HW #10

Going through all of these photos its funny how needy all these famous people are. The special request like Lady Gaga and her cheese. How needy are these people!? The amazing thing about these photos is how every artist has a different palette. I really enjoy the style in which the photos are taken. With the black background and the food places in fancy china. Its also interesting that all these request are always favored, of course because these people have money!


Breakfast! A major essential for the day?


A lot of times as an adult it is hard to squeeze breakfast into your daily routine. There is so much to do throughout the day that it becomes more challenging. As a New Yorker you are always running around from one place to another. Businesses like Dunkin Doughnuts do so well because they sell food on the go which is a key essential for all New Yorkers. Also for children parents are running around in the morning to get them ready for school so something like cereal would be a go to morning meal, all it requires is milk. An ideal breakfast for me would consist of home made baked goods fruits and a veg with fresh juice, but who has the time to make all of that??



HW #5

Walker Evans subway photos portray a everyday commuting. Everyone not in the greatest mood because of how early it is or maybe not enough seats. One of the photos shows a man and a woman waiting for a train, as the person looking at the picture you can guess that it is the beginning of winter because both in the picture have layers of clothing on and hats as well. Evans was always interested in seeing how people really were by capturing them in social situations such as traveling to work. Something that everyone does became something personal because of how candid some of these photos were. The expression on the peoples face who were in the photos look bothered, and off guard, which makes them “candid”.




Food can set the mood for any occasion. Usually it puts people in a very good mood.  Who doesn’t like to eat?? Cakes are one hot item that can set the mood for many occasions. Who doesn’t love cake, especially when its decorated for the occasion on hand. Cakes are usually the center piece of every occasion. Weddings, birthdays, business related, bridal showers, promotions. Cakes are one item worth celebrating for.





Jorge Lima

Arth 1100


It is fasinating to see the many ways coffee was made during the civil war. Coffee is beverage that contains caffeine and that caffeine is what gives the consumer energy to get through the day. I am also intrigued by the hardtack that was almost impossible chew without dunking it in the coffee. So you can imagine that during the civil war the soilders needed something like coffee to get them through the day and keep them warm. Me personally can get through the day without coffee. It is something that i have to be in the mood for, and it cannot be hot coffee, it must be iced. One food that i cannot live without is avocado. I try my very best to incorporate this into every meal I have. Even breakfast, something like fresh baked bread with butter and avocado and a fresh cup of iced coffee would be ideal.



Hw #1

Jorge Lima

ARTH 1100

Prof. Cheng

Photographing food is something that has trended rapidly. It is a new way to show ones appreciation for food. Photographs capture a moment in time that you want to remember and keep with you to share with others. Food is all about presentation, if the food looks amazing it will attract the customers to want it, the taste of it is the added bonus. It also helps out many of businesses because customers are promoting what and where they ate. Customers are extremely loyal and believe it or not help out the business. Now that photographing food has become so competitive its more than just taking the right picture. Is the lighting right? Did I take the perfect size bite? Can you see my beverage as well? Should I take the picture from an birds eye view? The list goes on and on. Especially now that food blogs have become such a big deal now. There is always a picture of the food with a very descriptive use words so the reader can feel like they have expierenced the food as well. Food photography is art, and always will be.