Hw #1

Jorge Lima

ARTH 1100

Prof. Cheng

Photographing food is something that has trended rapidly. It is a new way to show ones appreciation for food. Photographs capture a moment in time that you want to remember and keep with you to share with others. Food is all about presentation, if the food looks amazing it will attract the customers to want it, the taste of it is the added bonus. It also helps out many of businesses because customers are promoting what and where they ate. Customers are extremely loyal and believe it or not help out the business. Now that photographing food has become so competitive its more than just taking the right picture. Is the lighting right? Did I take the perfect size bite? Can you see my beverage as well? Should I take the picture from an birds eye view? The list goes on and on. Especially now that food blogs have become such a big deal now. There is always a picture of the food with a very descriptive use words so the reader can feel like they have expierenced the food as well. Food photography is art, and always will be.

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