Homework 10

The musicians request seems weird and normal at the same time.What really makes it interesting is how he manuiplates the photos to keep the viewers imagining the type of artist these celebrities are.One photo that made me think more was the two bags of corn starch.The way the slit to open it was toward the bottom and some leaked out onto the table, that would make a view visual other things than cornstarch.Another thing that was shocking was the framed picture of Princess Diana.It really just made me wonder if she thinks of herself as a princess before she performs.The only other thing that really surprised me was that you would think singers need water, or some tea with honey or orange juice and those weren’t request at all.I respect that they want real food like juicy backed chicken seasoned instead of a Caesar salad with grill chicken.After a long night of performing one could only hope for something that satisfies there taste buds.

Homework #9


Robert Frank’s photographs can come off as bleak but in my opinion they are artistic.Frank took photos of what he taught showed how the world is. Whether it was dealing with race and political values it showed us the exact expression upon ones face in that moment.Franks photographs were not staged and it was capturing everyday , and that it was makes it artistic to me.His photos are not the everyday photographs you notice for photographers take , so that makes him different and artistic in his own way.

Homework 6

Breakfast is suppose to be the most essential meal of the day.For Americans it is more of a if I have time to eat it thing.Breakfast in America is by far different from what was shown in the NY times article.For most children in America a bowl of cereal and milk is breakfast, and if one is lucky maybe some eggs and bacon.For me an Iced caramel latte and a bagel on a good day does the trick.I don’t usually eat breakfast because I’m usually never awake for breakfast.When I work at night it cuts down waking up for breakfast unless I have an early class , which is the only time I ever eat breakfast. Comparing American breakfast to others around the world I can honestly say we have a sweet tooth and have an unhealthy breakfast.Back in Trinidad our breakfast contains porridge , bake and salt fish. We are always told cereal is not breakfast.Is breakfast essential? Yes.Does that mean we always have a proper morning breakfast ? Not at all.

Homework 5

Walker Evans photographs are very unique in my opinion.Here we have a photographer thinking outside the box and not taking staged photographs, but rather taken people pictures in their natural element with no warning.I find it interesting how so little has changed.In the photos seen here , you see people either reading papers, talking or starting off into the distance.When you compare that to today’s society it is almost the same.You still see the same kind of people who are wearing their taught a on their faces, you see the people who are reading their daily paper and to add on you see the young-ins who cannot stay out of their phone.The fact that Evans did not publish these photos as soon as he took them also shows the kind of artist he is.He took his time and years to observe every aspect of over 600 photos before he decided to publish.

Homework 4

imageThe short clip showed just how much power and riches one man had.His servants had to do everything single thing perfect for him.The King had over 18 courses and turn down pork for a hard boil egg.Food is the one that connects people daily. Whether it be sitting and having Sunday dinner , thanksgiving, weddings or birthdays food speaks to everyone.Food can make a social statement depending on the quality and presentation because even the simplest foods can stand out, (take the hard boiled egg in the short expert) .A social statement also doesn’t mean that one must be rich and able to afford expensive food , even growing your own food can make a statement.

Homework 3-Texture

imageTexture in food is the second most important thing about a dish besides taste.Texture is everything when it comes to appearance.You see the dish you are about to eat and you hope it will be soft, moist , crunchy, however that specific item should taste.If the texture is wrong ,so is the taste of the dish.For instance this salmon dish , it had the perfect texture.It wasn’t hard,it had the right color and flavor to go along with it.The vegetables ontop just added more color and height to it.

Homework 1

In my opinion food photography has become the new thing. Other than taking selfies most people, including myself take pictures of food. French philosopher and gourmand Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin stated in the NY Times article First Camera, Then Fork”, “Tell me what you eat, and I will tell you what you are. “I agree with his statement. What a person eats can describe them. Are you into more flavors , showing you like exciting and new things to try, or are you someone who sticks more to the plain dishes, showing you are not always ready for a change. Food photography is not only becoming a common practice for patrons, but for chefs to. Food Photography is a way to show and promote one’s dishes. Carl Rosenberg stated in the article “You have more connection with your food, so it forms a more essential memory of an occasion.” I agree with this comment. The food you photograph is becoming a memory to you. It is telling you how good something may have been , if you enjoyed your time , will you ever recommend it , or will that be a memory of don’t ever go their again. Food photography has become a new obsession, and I wouldn’t be shocked to see more people following on with this trend.