Homework 6

Breakfast is suppose to be the most essential meal of the day.For Americans it is more of a if I have time to eat it thing.Breakfast in America is by far different from what was shown in the NY times article.For most children in America a bowl of cereal and milk is breakfast, and if one is lucky maybe some eggs and bacon.For me an Iced caramel latte and a bagel on a good day does the trick.I don’t usually eat breakfast because I’m usually never awake for breakfast.When I work at night it cuts down waking up for breakfast unless I have an early class , which is the only time I ever eat breakfast. Comparing American breakfast to others around the world I can honestly say we have a sweet tooth and have an unhealthy breakfast.Back in Trinidad our breakfast contains porridge , bake and salt fish. We are always told cereal is not breakfast.Is breakfast essential? Yes.Does that mean we always have a proper morning breakfast ? Not at all.

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