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In my opinion food photography has become the new thing. Other than taking selfies most people, including myself take pictures of food. French philosopher and gourmand Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin stated in the NY Times article First Camera, Then Fork”, “Tell me what you eat, and I will tell you what you are. “I agree with his statement. What a person eats can describe them. Are you into more flavors , showing you like exciting and new things to try, or are you someone who sticks more to the plain dishes, showing you are not always ready for a change. Food photography is not only becoming a common practice for patrons, but for chefs to. Food Photography is a way to show and promote one’s dishes. Carl Rosenberg stated in the article “You have more connection with your food, so it forms a more essential memory of an occasion.” I agree with this comment. The food you photograph is becoming a memory to you. It is telling you how good something may have been , if you enjoyed your time , will you ever recommend it , or will that be a memory of don’t ever go their again. Food photography has become a new obsession, and I wouldn’t be shocked to see more people following on with this trend.

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  1. I find that many photos of food are not good quality and are more a sense of bragging than an aesthetic, meaningful, well composed photograph. Some people are really obsessed with taking photos, instead of enjoying the food when it is served, warm and delicious, taking a picture becomes the goal, rather than enjoying the company you are with and the food set before you. BUT, perhaps I am of a different generation and not able to properly relate to all the photos getting taken and shared on social media. It can also be overwhelming. I wonder what a starving person who does not know where their next meal will come from, would think with this food photo obsession?

    • I must agree with you.Today’s generation is so occupied by phones, computers ,and social media, to the point where half of today’s generations time is spent on social media.So food photography , has actually become apart of this habit that is hard to break.It has become a method of showing off , like how celebrities enjoy posting pictures of shoes , cars and houses.

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