Homework #10

I’m very surprised about this pictures. The photographer Henry hargreaves have a great style taking picture. I’m very interested how artist request some many thing that are very rare. All the picture that this photographer ¬†is so amazing because have something special that get people attention.

Homework #5

To see this photograph for me is impress me a lot ¬†how the picture is taking. Working on NYC subway and taking ¬†picture for him it was something that he love to do a lot. This picture that is with two people on the train for my is amazing. ¬†People back then look very different from now people reading or looking around. Back then people don’t smile at the camera. For me is almost the same from now and back because ¬†in the subway people are reading, talking, looking around. the only thing that is different from now and back then is people is only on their phone. It’s sad for me the Evans didn’t¬†publish his photo when he took because¬†his photo expresses something else ¬†that people can see if they look very closely to the photo.

Homework #2

Ganessha Zubieta                                                                                                                     Arth1100

It’s very attractive how back then during the civil war coffee was important to the soldier because keep them up. Coffee is one of many drink that have a lot caffeine that give a lot of energy and sugar to the body to keep them up. Soldier was drinking a lot of coffee because the civil war was very important to win and they have to be up and try to have all the energy to fight and give everything to win the fight. For me, coffee is fine I’m not those person that have to drink coffee everyday. Coffee for me is something that ¬†doesn’t give me energy or keep me up. But sometime ¬†every 2 month i drink a cup of coffee to have taste in the mouth or ¬†just because I in the mood for cup of coffee when a member of family talk about coffee.

Ganessha Zubieta: Food Photography

Photography is one top of technology that have been for a while in any aspect but more in “FOOD”. Now in this day,¬†We see a lot of people in restaurant or anyplace that¬†we see food¬†taking picture with their phone or camera of their food for 2 reason: One just because they want take it¬†and post. Others because they see something special or something that¬†they catch their eyes want to see others what they see. For me, taking picture is fine because I not one of those people¬†that take picture of every meals they eat. Sometime, when I order something and the plate surprise me I will posts because what I see have a inspiration and probably will also see¬†something that I like in the picture. it’s hard sometime people like or put a comment¬†on the¬†post you put of your¬†food because¬†sometime people don’t like the picture just because the posture of the picture make the food look ugly or they don’t see attraction of the food. Also, now in this day has became very common taking picture of food because today world people are more interest in food, look and texture.