HW 7: Food Photography – Art or Marketing

From the article “Food InstagrammersTurn Accounts Into Professions” of the Wall Street Journal, it is exciting to see how professional instagrammers have been taking the food photography to a new level. They combine both art and advertizing which makes their job fun and adventurous, at the same time, makes them recognized among other bloggers.

Food Photography can be looked at either as an art or marketing form. Food photography art is meant for the photographers to express their creativity and personal vision as well as for the vievers to enjoy. Food photography for maketing is to advertize the dish itself and make potential customers come into the place. To me, photography of food that is used in marketing and advertizing is meant to be more exaggerated, more fancy since it is used to bring more eyes drawn to it. It is all about making pictures look good enough to eat and to compel people to order the food being shown. While the art form of food photography could be left as it is to showcase the naturality and simplicity to be appreciated as an art. I personally take pictures of diiferent spots such as restaurants, coffeeshops, luncheonettes as wll as dishes and drinks they offer which in my opinion represent my own art and vision of certain objects and places. It feels good when friends of mine or other people who just follow my account give a feedback of the places I post. It is kind of informative and interesting to see others’ opinions and see what styles of kitchen or places seem to them most enjoyable to visit. It is a learning experience for all.

Speaking of marketing and art forms of the photography of food, I don’t prefer one over the other. Everyone takes pictures for their own purpose but we all do it to share our experience with others.




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