Egg Poems

I am delicate but I am strong,
I may be hidden behind a shell, but when I crack
I am valuable, I am useful
I am life
Vanessa, Cheyenne, Addy, Tiffany

1. I am a simple oval egg
Living in a tiny shell
Made up of a yolk and a white
Yet the foundation of life
Stefania, Polina, Ana, Ganessha

2. Cracked, boil, fried or scrambled
Please take care how the egg is handled
The perfect egg, a pinnacle of culinary achievement
An egg on the floor will be a sign of bereavement
Matt, Sydney, Professors Jacus & Garcelon

3. Chase that egg running down the street
Boiled, poached, fried…runny yolks all
Hard, soft, scrambled…which is the best to eat?
Catch the chicken first!
Professors Schaible, Goodlad and Dellikan, Aguirre

4. Like two eggs passing through in the night
I was in the mood, eating eggs that night
Fried eggs, boiled eggs and scrambled eggs too
Hatch from the eggs and lay them too
Erdem, Ahmet, Courtney Sivillo, Kendijah

5. What is beneath that smooth porcelain skin?
Yellow and white like the stars in the night
It fell on the floor
Brocken and exposed
My egg is sexy
Hussein, Phil, Anthony, Julissa, Felicia

6. Boiled eggs they’re warm to the touch
They’re firm and hard when boiled
Hard, soft, runny or scrambled,
Firm and hard when boiled
Traveling through the land
George, Gadeer, Tiana, Courtney Smith

7. Throw it, crack it, spoil it
SPLAT!!! CER!!! YUK!!!
Eggs I don’t like them
I don’t like green eggs and ham
Someone once took a hardboiled egg & cracked it on their head
And slime came out instead!
Giselle, Anna, Mohammed

hw #6

John Gunter said “All happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast”. I can truly agree with it.Iove breakfasts especially on weekends when I can eat my breakfast with my family. We can all sit down together and eat without rush.Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. People often forget about morning meal, not reflecting on the fact that it is the most important of all. Breakfast provides strength and energy for the whole day and it also improves mood.A lot of people do not eat breakfast because they eat late dinner. Sometimes they don’t have time in the morning to prepare a good healthy breakfast.

However, morning meal should contain all the necessary nutrients, so it must be varied and consist of a variety of products.First of all, you should take care that the breakfast included complex carbohydrates, which gently increasing the levels of blood sugar and provide energy for hours and make it for a long time the body functions efficiently.

In my opinion,American’s breakfasts are a little bit sweet. Pancakes , waffles reminds me about dessert not breakfast . What really surprised me in this country? Pancakes for breakfast, especially pancakes with bacon. In my country, we eat pancakes at dinner with many various toppings such us cottage cheese , fruits .It taste a little bit different.Every country has different culture and food style. Like they say One man`s meat is another man`s poison.

Homework 6

In my personal opinion breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Turkish people spend a lot of time eating breakfast in the morning till afternoon. We believe breakfast gives you the most of your energy and vitamins. Therefore it is so easy to start your day. Every single day I am having my breakfast first then start my day before leaving home. I know every single country; they have different of breakfast dishes. For me we usually eat different kind of cheese, egg, tomato, and olives kind of Mediterranean breakfast. However, in United States people like to eat croissants, bagels kind of easy things. For me these things are not breakfast it is just snacks, and here is how Turkish breakfast looks like.


turkish breakfast

Homework #6

I do think that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. However, i seldom have any breakfast in the morning. When I was younger I had a habit of waking up late and hurrying to get ready for school. I would race out of the house without even a glass of water. I wouldn’t eat until my lunch period at school, by then i’d be starving. I would eat my school lunch, come home eat a bigger lunch, and then finally eat a huge dinner really late at night. There would be some sugary/salty snacks in between those three meals as well. That pattern followed me through high school and into college. But now, i’ve found some improvements in my diets. There is no way I can start my day without my morning cup o’ joe. If I have time I make it at home and sip it while getting ready. Other than that i have it on the go. If i do take my coffee to go, its with a bagel or muffin. That will last me up until lunch and then finally my dinner meal if i have one. There are no longer any sugary snacks or chips from a bag.

I would like to think that many other Americans, New Yorkers in specific, have the same dietary patterns. The on the go coffee is a must during breakfast and maybe a breakfast sandwich will accompany it if we’re lucky. I think we would all agree that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but most of us just don’t make the time to enjoy it.

Around the world, people make a special time to prepare healthy foods. They sit down, consume fruits, grain, and nutrition around a table and gear up their energy to last them through the day. Thats the way breakfast should be treated, thats the way our days should begin. We just have to change our New Yorker habits.


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It is what gives you energy thought the day and keeps you focused. the most important nutrients come from breakfast meals such as eggs and fruit. Me personally love eating fruits in the morning with a glass of orange juice. Breakfast is very essential to our everyday live. Americans have the most unhealthiest meals for breakfast. Just taking a look at what a diner offers will blow your mind. For us it is normal because we have been accustomed to the unhealthy breakfast offered. The overload of sugar in Americans breakfast is what makes our country is obese.

Ahmet D. HW:6

In my culture, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. We spend some time with breakfast in my country. Breakfast gives you the most energy, lots of vitamins, and helps your body to start working immediately. When I have my breakfast before I leave home, I am always so happy and more energic. Each culture has different ways to prepare and eat breakfast. When I first came to the US, I was totally shocked. People eat bagels, croissant, pancakes, waffles, even steak with some eggs. I still do not find any of these right. It is easy, and simple. I believe in there is no breakfast culture in American culture. Breakfast is a quick snack for children, created by busy parents in the US. I think breakfast is the one of the keys to success in education, business or personal life.



Cheyenne Acosta: Breakfast, The Most Important (and the Best) Meal of the Day!

Breakfast is a very special meal to me. Honestly, I love breakfast. Sometimes, I’ll have breakfast for dinner. I do not care. Breakfast is the best. With that being said, I think American breakfast is not all sweet. It can be savory as well. A simple eggs and toast is both tasty and nutritious. Which is why breakfast is the most important meal of the day! You are literally starting your day by breaking an 8 (or so) hour fast. Ergo, what you eat has to give you energy to get through the day. I love that the article mentions sinangag at tuyo or Filipino garlic fried rice and fish. Growing up, I never liked the tuyo part of a traditional Filipino breakfast, but I often accompanied my garlic rice with scrambled eggs, a fond memory. So fond of mine, that I shared this tradition with my fiance (who is Puerto Rican and Italian), and he also has fallen in love with sinangag at itlog (egg). However, I do prefer a more sweeter breakfast when I get the chance. The pancakes at Ihop are to die for! Nowadays, however, I’m always on the run to catch my train for school. So, I just settle for a muffin and of course, a cup of (iced) coffee, no matter the weather.

Tuyo and Egg

Here’s my shameless plug: If you guys are interested in some good Filipino food (or breakfast), my uncle owns a popular Filipino cuisine restaurant on Queens Boulevard called Tito Rad’s. If you’re ever in the Woodside/Sunnyside area of Queens, check it out! 🙂