Cheyenne Acosta: Breakfast, The Most Important (and the Best) Meal of the Day!

Breakfast is a very special meal to me. Honestly, I love breakfast. Sometimes, I’ll have breakfast for dinner. I do not care. Breakfast is the best. With that being said, I think American breakfast is not all sweet. It can be savory as well. A simple eggs and toast is both tasty and nutritious. Which is why breakfast is the most important meal of the day! You are literally starting your day by breaking an 8 (or so) hour fast. Ergo, what you eat has to give you energy to get through the day. I love that the article mentions sinangag at tuyo or Filipino garlic fried rice and fish. Growing up, I never liked the tuyo part of a traditional Filipino breakfast, but I often accompanied my garlic rice with scrambled eggs, a fond memory. So fond of mine, that I shared this tradition with my fiance (who is Puerto Rican and Italian), and he also has fallen in love with sinangag at itlog (egg). However, I do prefer a more sweeter breakfast when I get the chance. The pancakes at Ihop are to die for! Nowadays, however, I’m always on the run to catch my train for school. So, I just settle for a muffin and of course, a cup of (iced) coffee, no matter the weather.

Tuyo and Egg

Here’s my shameless plug: If you guys are interested in some good Filipino food (or breakfast), my uncle owns a popular Filipino cuisine restaurant on Queens Boulevard called Tito Rad’s. If you’re ever in the Woodside/Sunnyside area of Queens, check it out! 🙂

Cheyenne Acosta: The Story of the Snapping Tom.

Walker Evans is a brave man. A lot of people would start fights over having their picture being taken. Which I guess is the reason as to why he took the pictures secretly. However, I think it is better that way. Had he stopped and asked people to take a picture of them, he would get totally different portraits. I also love the fact that he chose to photograph in New York City. This city is full of interesting characters. Throw in a setting that people travel through everyday, you will get alluring photographs that can tell a great story. The people he photographed really aren’t all that different from the people on the subway today. They all kind of, avoid eye contact with other riders on the train. They look tired and weary. Yet, everyone, whether photographed or not, has a life as intricate as ours. I think that’s the beauty of photographing people unsuspectingly. Just their facial expression, their appearance and their body language tell a story of their life. Almost like what the photographer of Humans of New York is doing. Except he includes the subject’s story with their photograph. He also gets their permission to take their picture. I think that’s a very important detail when being a photographer.

Cheyenne Acosta: If your cake isn’t 10 feet tall, you can’t sit with us.

That excerpt was amazing to watch. So many people needed to put together a 3 course meal for one person! Just handing the King his bread took 3 people to pass it down. That was unnecessary. Well, in our society I think a good example of measuring status by food is at weddings. I’m in the middle of planning my own December wedding, so this is the first thing that popped into my head! I think the height of a wedding cake is a very good count of status. The bigger/higher the wedding cake equates to the number of guests you have. The more people at your wedding, the more well-known you are. I mean, that’s the general idea. For example, I recently came across an article of a famous Hong Kong singer/actress by the name of Angela Yeung having a $31 million wedding! Her cake had a carousel in it! A carousel! Yeung had 2,000 guests! I don’t know that many people. She beat out even Kim Kardashian’s wedding! While I’ll probably only have a wedding cake that’s a foot tall because I’ll only have about 30 guests. So, I can conclude that your wedding cake height is equal to your status in society.

Lavish: Actress, singer and model, Angelababy, married leading actor Huang Xiaoming, in an elaborate wedding in Shanghai last week

Cheyenne Acosta: Civil War Soldiers Ate Wha-?

I almost pity the soldiers of the Civil War. The food rations they received probably didn’t taste as good as their wives’ home cooked meals. Hardtack seems like a very bland piece of cracker. It’s very hard to believe that hardtack is nutritious in the least. And Matt Anderson, the curator of the Minnesota Historical Society, shows us in the Youtube video shows the viewers a 150 year-old hardtack! I really wonder what they put in that hardtack to make it last so long because the bread I buy at the supermarket grows mold in a matter of weeks. I found it very fascinating that Civil War soldiers had access to coffee and drank it all throughout the entirety of the war. I thought coffee became available to Americans much later in the American history timeline. However, I’m not surprised that many of the soldiers were partial to the caffeinated beverage. Many people become addicted to coffee, myself included. It is a staple food item to start the day with and and an energy giver. I do wonder if the soldiers drank the coffee black or with cream and sugar. I like my coffee both black and light and sweet, depending on my mood. Coincidentally,the one food item I cannot live without is coffee. Specifically Starbucks’ naturally flavored caramel ground coffee. It’s so good, I swear on this stuff.

Cheyenne Acosta: What I Think About Food Photography

I’m not the type of person who will update their Facebook status obsessively and constantly. In fact, most of my posts come from Instagram. Instagram is such an easy way to upload a moment so spontaneously. So, being a big foodie that I am, quite a few of my pictures are of food. I’m not necessarily a great photographer, but I like seeing food. I think food photography is so relevant now because it is so aesthetically pleasing to look at. The color, shapes, textures of food will literally make your mouth water. You see your friend post a picture of a Belgian waffle smothered in all types of sweet toppings and you think, “Hey, that looks good. I think I’ll go grab one from Wafles and Dinges, now!” Food photography is a great tool for the food industry. Along with the help of social media, picture of food can be seen anywhere by anyone and from the company’s point of view, it’s like free advertising. To the customer, their cravings and curiosity have been satisfied.  Although some people take it to the extreme like the customer who dined at Alinea Restaurant as mentioned in the New York Times article, “First Camera, Then Fork” by Kate Murphy. As long as people remember that food is supposed to be eaten, savored, and enjoyed by the taste buds and not tapped twice to make a heart appear or watching the numbers go up on a thumbs up, I think food photography can go a long way for the food industry.