Cheyenne Acosta: Breakfast, The Most Important (and the Best) Meal of the Day!

Breakfast is a very special meal to me. Honestly, I love breakfast. Sometimes, I’ll have breakfast for dinner. I do not care. Breakfast is the best. With that being said, I think American breakfast is not all sweet. It can be savory as well. A simple eggs and toast is both tasty and nutritious. Which is why breakfast is the most important meal of the day! You are literally starting your day by breaking an 8 (or so) hour fast. Ergo, what you eat has to give you energy to get through the day. I love that the article mentions sinangag at tuyo or Filipino garlic fried rice and fish. Growing up, I never liked the tuyo part of a traditional Filipino breakfast, but I often accompanied my garlic rice with scrambled eggs, a fond memory. So fond of mine, that I shared this tradition with my fiance (who is Puerto Rican and Italian), and he also has fallen in love with sinangag at itlog (egg). However, I do prefer a more sweeter breakfast when I get the chance. The pancakes at Ihop are to die for! Nowadays, however, I’m always on the run to catch my train for school. So, I just settle for a muffin and of course, a cup of (iced) coffee, no matter the weather.

Tuyo and Egg

Here’s my shameless plug: If you guys are interested in some good Filipino food (or breakfast), my uncle owns a popular Filipino cuisine restaurant on Queens Boulevard called Tito Rad’s. If you’re ever in the Woodside/Sunnyside area of Queens, check it out! 🙂

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