Egg Poems

I am delicate but I am strong,
I may be hidden behind a shell, but when I crack
I am valuable, I am useful
I am life
Vanessa, Cheyenne, Addy, Tiffany

1. I am a simple oval egg
Living in a tiny shell
Made up of a yolk and a white
Yet the foundation of life
Stefania, Polina, Ana, Ganessha

2. Cracked, boil, fried or scrambled
Please take care how the egg is handled
The perfect egg, a pinnacle of culinary achievement
An egg on the floor will be a sign of bereavement
Matt, Sydney, Professors Jacus & Garcelon

3. Chase that egg running down the street
Boiled, poached, fried…runny yolks all
Hard, soft, scrambled…which is the best to eat?
Catch the chicken first!
Professors Schaible, Goodlad and Dellikan, Aguirre

4. Like two eggs passing through in the night
I was in the mood, eating eggs that night
Fried eggs, boiled eggs and scrambled eggs too
Hatch from the eggs and lay them too
Erdem, Ahmet, Courtney Sivillo, Kendijah

5. What is beneath that smooth porcelain skin?
Yellow and white like the stars in the night
It fell on the floor
Brocken and exposed
My egg is sexy
Hussein, Phil, Anthony, Julissa, Felicia

6. Boiled eggs they’re warm to the touch
They’re firm and hard when boiled
Hard, soft, runny or scrambled,
Firm and hard when boiled
Traveling through the land
George, Gadeer, Tiana, Courtney Smith

7. Throw it, crack it, spoil it
SPLAT!!! CER!!! YUK!!!
Eggs I don’t like them
I don’t like green eggs and ham
Someone once took a hardboiled egg & cracked it on their head
And slime came out instead!
Giselle, Anna, Mohammed

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