Food photography for art or marketing

I believe food photography for marketing is just for an advertising stand point. ¬†For marketing you want to get your brand out there and make it known. You want things to look appealing to the audience you’re trying to attract. When taking photographs you have to make sure you get the correct angle to find the correct picture. Usually when you take pictures of something, you usually take them from multiple angles to see what shot looks the best . I just think food photography for marketing pictures are manipulated to fit what they feel people may buy.

Food photography art is more of a unmanipulated and natural form of art. You capture the picture of the food in its natural state and not centered to be published on something. You capture the natural beauty. You don’t need to change the angle of how you take a picture, you just take the picture and capture the rawness of the plate. When it comes to food photography for marketing you’re trying to capture an image with someone in mind. When capturing an image for the art of it you don’t consider anything you just take the picture.

I don’t prefer one over the other but I do understand both concepts. With marketing food photography, you can bring in more clientele to your business. Someone may see a picture of food and see the place that makes it and may want to try it out. Food photography for marketing can get your brand name out there. Food photography for art shows the beauty of food in its natural state. Nothing is altered. It makes you want to try it that much more.

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