The Last One! hw 10

I think Hargreaves’ photo series is interesting. The pictures definitely are different. It shows you the different interests people have. I’m shocked that celebrities really request these things to have backstage, like its really in contracts and it has to be brought to them the exact way they asked. Some of them are things that shouldn’t even be edible without being mixed in something. “The cornstarch or the I can’t believe it’s not butter”, really??. I would like to know what is it that they’re doing with it. Some of these foods could just be their favorites or comfort foods. I agree with him when he says that the requests show something about their personality that words don’t.

homework #8

The reading confused me even more. In the beginning I was convinced that the picture was staged because of how the soldier was positioned. It didn’t look that real as if he really got shot. Just the whole positioning of his body and the gun. If you pay attention to the background of the photo it doesn’t look as if it was during a war. I feel as though you would see bodies or rubbish laying around. What stands out to me the most is the fact that Capa thought to capture a great photo he needed to be there. He needed to be in the presence of the war. He risked endangering his life to capture a photo. That alone shows me some proof it might be real. I’m still indecisive on whether to believe if its real or not. Regardless if its staged or real, Capa has a big name in the history of photography.

homework #9

I think Robert Frank’s photographs are artistic yet simple. The idea of him capturing photographs from his view doesn’t surprise me. The way most photographs are taken are based on how the photographer wants you to view it. His photos have an artistic theme because he’s telling a story throughout each photo but its not straight forward. He gives details where you have to look deeper to find out what the issue is or what he’s trying to say. He took a lot of pictures of African Americans. I was surprised that this was his first encounter with segregation. A good point was pointed out on how African Americans weren’t good enough to sit next to but good enough to watch their children. It didn’t make sense. Robert Frank captured photographs of ordinary people doing everyday things so that’s what makes it simple.

Food photography for art or marketing

I believe food photography for marketing is just for an advertising stand point.  For marketing you want to get your brand out there and make it known. You want things to look appealing to the audience you’re trying to attract. When taking photographs you have to make sure you get the correct angle to find the correct picture. Usually when you take pictures of something, you usually take them from multiple angles to see what shot looks the best . I just think food photography for marketing pictures are manipulated to fit what they feel people may buy.

Food photography art is more of a unmanipulated and natural form of art. You capture the picture of the food in its natural state and not centered to be published on something. You capture the natural beauty. You don’t need to change the angle of how you take a picture, you just take the picture and capture the rawness of the plate. When it comes to food photography for marketing you’re trying to capture an image with someone in mind. When capturing an image for the art of it you don’t consider anything you just take the picture.

I don’t prefer one over the other but I do understand both concepts. With marketing food photography, you can bring in more clientele to your business. Someone may see a picture of food and see the place that makes it and may want to try it out. Food photography for marketing can get your brand name out there. Food photography for art shows the beauty of food in its natural state. Nothing is altered. It makes you want to try it that much more.

Breakfast is important

I believe breakfast is essential. They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day and I agree. In the morning you have to get your body up and ready to go for the day, so besides showering and getting dressed, you need to fuel your brain. Eating breakfast in the morning gives your brain the nutrients it needs to get off to the right start. Growing up as a kid, I was always told to eat my breakfast . No matter whether it was oatmeal or toast with butter and orange juice, you at least need to have something. From reading the article, you see how around the world different countries have a different take on breakfast. Something that may seem strange to us as breakfast is the norm for someone else. I do believe Americans breakfast foods are too sugary. The breakfast cereals are coated with sugar. Frosted flakes are coated in sugar and a toaster strudel is filled with a sugary filling and topped with a white frosting. Americans need to do better with breakfast foods.




Homework #5

Walker Evans’s idea of photographing people on the train without them knowing was a good idea. The pictures on the subway show peoples reactions. Everyone seems to have the same emotion or expression. Everyone has such a serious face. It makes you think what are they thinking, why is their face so serious. There is one picture of a man and lady sitting next to each other. Their faces look as though they’re staring right into the camera lens. I think it’s pretty interesting how he captured people in their natural state opposed to when people hear let me take a picture, they pose or smile for it.

Food makes multiple statements

Food is what brings any and everyone together. Food is used to celebrate big events such as weddings or holidays to everyday gatherings with your family for dinner. Food communicates texture, taste & smell. Food has a significance for even small things. I’m sure in each culture there is a special food you eat on a certain holiday or certain time of year. When people have parties or events is usually when you can see a person’s social status. The type of food a person chooses to have at their event and how much food they have definitely gives a social statement. Food can affect the mood for people. I know when I think of food it makes me smile and happy. This was a delicious salmon I had with a mixed green salad & pineapple salsa.





Whether it’s fruits, vegetables, meats or grains, they all have some kind of texture. When cooked the texture of the food changes. Texture adds flavor, a different appearance, and overall outlook on an item. On Sunday, October 11th, I went to the last day of Smorgasburg. It was my first time going there. I had the mindset to try new foods. I’m on a journey to expand my palate, expose myself to new things, and gain knowledge. In this picture here you have Monfongo. I’ve never tried monfongo, let alone heard of it so I said why not. Monfongo is sweet plantains mashed up into a bowl shape (to hold the contents), pork with a mild or spicy sriracha sauce. You can choose whether you want pork, chicken or beef.


Civil War Soldier’s Diets

The Civil War’s soldiers diet didn’t have much nutrition to it. It definitely shows you how much the times have evolved from what is considered a meal. What I find fascinating about their diet is as time went on they looked for ways to improve things. They started with little to no knowledge about cooking or even being in the kitchen. During those times women were in the kitchen. I found it interesting that they found ways to preserve the meat to make it last longer by adding salt or seasonings. They also found a method to make the bread last longer by drying it after baking. They knew times were difficult during the war so getting the best meals weren’t an option so they had to work within their means. They discovered new ways of cooking and how to cook. Appointing someone to be the skilled cook helps pass on the knowledge to the other soliders. I can’t live without fruit and vegetables.