Breakfast is important

I believe breakfast is essential. They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day and I agree. In the morning you have to get your body up and ready to go for the day, so besides showering and getting dressed, you need to fuel your brain. Eating breakfast in the morning gives your brain the nutrients it needs to get off to the right start. Growing up as a kid, I was always told to eat my breakfast . No matter whether it was oatmeal or toast with butter and orange juice, you at least need to have something. From reading the article, you see how around the world different countries have a different take on breakfast. Something that may seem strange to us as breakfast is the norm for someone else. I do believe Americans breakfast foods are too sugary. The breakfast cereals are coated with sugar. Frosted flakes are coated in sugar and a toaster strudel is filled with a sugary filling and topped with a white frosting. Americans need to do better with breakfast foods.




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