Homework #4 Food welcomes you!

From before time and after food has always been a welcoming to everyone from poor to middle class and to rich food brings people together. Food shows significant signs after watching the video of king Louie  I was actually stun seeing how many things were brought to him from his people and the manner it was given. It showed me that food can be given in royal ways and also in my experience in an Arab cultural way you will receive an invitation to a person home for a welcoming and food will be serve with love passion and sweat  because the person who would make it wants your first experience at there home the best experience. Food that would be serve to guest in a Arab house held would be Maqluba which is a type of rice with potatoes noodles and lamb all in one big plate served in the middle of the dinning table. Other foods that can be done would be when someone invites you over for breakfast which would be a bunch of small portions given out in one giant tray served to everyone on the guest table. Once again food is an international word for welcome and will continue to mean welcome till there’s no more of it. Petra_metzes

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