Homework #4

imageIn today’s society, the food one eats can communicate status. If one can afford to eat at high end restaurants, then one is indirectly saying to others that they are financially well off. For example, If I were invited to a gathering and were served caviar, I’d know that who ever is hosting has suffiecent funds to be able to supply this costly food. I view caviar as a sign of social significance. Caviar isn’t necessarily a food for those who are well off, but because I come from a background that doesn’t eat foods like this, I categorize it as so. I’m sure the king in the expert was served Caviar at some point. While watching the short clip, I noticed how many servants he had, which is completely absurd. However, many would agree that someone with such ranking should be served as he did. Food has always, and will always, communicate status.

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