Quick note: AJ (Alzerina Jewelry)  |  CVB (Cabo Verde Believe)
When I was first introduced to the group chat, everyone seemed nice and stated what they did for Alzerina. I added some screenshots below to showcase how it went down from the starting interview process on Indeed to joining Alzerina’s team group chat. From what I could gather speaking to everyone that all of them are interns just like myself and roughly around my age. I felt comfortable since we were all in this learning process together for the most part besides the select few. I mainly speak to 4 of the Interns (Megan, Ande, Siyi, and Chandini) on the team since I mainly was appointed to do Instagram and Facebook stories/posts for both their social media platforms. They are very helpful when I ask questions but also understanding since I’m new and bound to make a few errors.

Megan | Ande  |  AJ blogging and AJ Instagram & Photography
Siyi | Elizabeth  |  CV Instagram posts/modeling for Jewelry (Elizabeth)
Mindy  |  AJ facebook 
Chandini  |  SM strategies for AJ/CV + Instagram engagement for AJ
Zarin  |  Twitter & LinkedIn
Me (Ezra)  |  Instagram/Facebook posts for AJ/CV + General social media content creator
(Soon there will be new Interns coming from what Alzerina (CEO of AJ/CV) stated in our chat but they have not been introduced yet)

For starters, I had no idea Alzerina had a sub-brand called Cabo Verde Believe that had its own separate social media platforms for Facebook/Instagram. Siyi (In charge of CV’s SM w/ Chandini) spoke to me privately to explain since at first, I began designing strictly for Alzerina until they mentioned she would need some story posts for CV’s account. I was quite embarrassed at first since I should have done more research before know. Though, Siyi was understanding since they mentioned when they started they didn’t know alzerina had a sub-brand as well. I didn’t feel alone in that sense but it made me more mindful to dive into knowing a company or place especially before I start to avoid rookie mistakes like this and as a lot of questions as well. However, I did ask a few questions while I was being interviewed but, not enough to realize a few things about the brand. Likewise, I would find out more and more as time went on for the first week and a half that I have been working for Alzerina Jewelry.¬†