First Story series | National Thoughtful Day
When I first started the internship my boss had asked me to research ahead of time dates and times/holidays that would be coming up to create content for. I decided to look up and research national holidays and through that, I found “National Thoughtful Day”. I thought would be a fun idea to create a story post series for both their Facebook and Instagram. National Thoughtful Day – August 28th brings with it an opportunity to demonstrate how we value each other. This day sets aside a celebration meant to bring goodwill in a variety of ways. By serving the day with a spirit of generosity toward others, a ripple effect takes place.

Quick note: AJ (Alzerina Jewelry)  |  CVB (Cabo Verde Believe)  |  JOTD (Jewelry of the Day)
Speaking to Alzerina (CEO of AJ)I realized she at the time was wishing to rebrand into a more chic, modern, minimalistic look so I thought the story designs should follow just that. I handpicked each jewelry piece to add for the series, 4 for their AJ Instagram, and 4 for their Facebook stories. I had a few revisions for the font choice in the caption of each piece but ultimately I and the group chat decided visually the sans serif font was easiest to read compared to the serif font that is used as the title of the jewelry piece. I also wanted to give the piece of a pop of color so I chose to use InDesign’s color theme tool on the jewelry pieces to pick a color that would stand out for the background of each caption. Everyone really loved how the jewelry came out since it made it more different/unique to look at rather than using the photos for the pieces. Visually I’m really proud of this stories series since it went as a success and got a good amount of revenue for each piece displayed in the posts.

Though after these stories my boss decided they wanted more visually exciting posts that capture the eye more and a bit more use of color to make the stories stand out more. From there I was able to figure out what she wanted but it was a bit confusing since prior to this conversation she wanted more minimal and simplistic. I realized this is how it would be in the real world clients can change their minds often and you have to adapt to their needs. At first, it was very confusing but I learned to combine both ideas for future posts so I would not have this issue in the content I provide for her. Though luckily shes also very helpful with critiques and often having me realize mistakes I make visually that I had not noticed beforehand making me really pay attention to my designs before sending them into the group chat and her personally. I’m very glad the AJ’s group chat is so far is vocal and supportive so far from the progress of the designs I’ve sent, etc.