Alzerina Jewelry.
My internship design-wise is mainly using the app Canva, which uses free media that can be used for free for commercial and noncommercial use. Now if I’m designing a post for their Instagram or Facebook I always make sure to really use elements that are free and for commercial and noncommercial use. I normally would create most of the elements myself or use vector/icon sites like Vecteezy and FlatIcon which is basically the same as Canva. Although, I have not really used those sites for a majority of my designs since Canva gives us access to so much free content to easily create stories/post content for their social media platforms (Facebook and Instagram mainly). 

As for photography, the internship provides full access to their personal photographer who takes photos of the models to showcase their jewelry pieces. But also some of the interns who are also in charge of photography give us full permission to access and use their images as well. All their photography is uploaded to a board on Collect where we are allowed to use the images/videos that are uploaded onto it. Though, It makes sense that I would not need to use outside photography when it comes to a jewelry brand. To put it short, when it comes to jewelry brands they need to showcase their jewelry pieces, not other company’s pieces. As for the logo, I was tasked to create a new logo design so I’m not sure about all the specific details yet. My boss has yet to pick one, but she currently in the process of picking a design for me to finalize or to continue designing ideas. I will update this journal if that has changed and how that process will play out once it is trademarked, etc.

Further, a confidentiality or non-disclosure agreement has not been introduced to me personally while working for Alzerina Jewelry. I believe the company and my boss are fairly laid back in that sense since the work environment is set to be that way. I don’t know if I would need to sign one any time soon or at the end of the internship but I have high doubts that would be the case. I have been able to freely communicate my ideas to the other interns as well as my boss. My boss has not ever stated/mentioned I could not bring up ideas to others either.

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