In class, we watched two Ted talk videos which each had their own unique individual topics. The very first ted talk was about seven rules for happiness with Stefan Sagmeister. He mentioned things like you should try to do more with things that pique your interest rather than things that do not. For example, if you are passionate about fashion work on something on that topic because you will work harder on it. Its something that makes you happy so when designing it holds more of your attention and makes you work harder on it. This makes it easier for you to work on rather than working on something you are not passionate about and it lacks everything it needs. In addition, he brings up the importance of having meaningful relationships with those around you to experience and learn. Especially in our field where networking is so important, you can learn from others. There can be techniques you may have not known previously but due to your relationships, you can learn so much more. Further, he brought up using varieties of tools and techniques which stood out to me. You don’t necessarily need one form of media to design but, rather using tools and techniques to create something completely different. For example, you can design something using scraps of paper instead of jumping onto using illustrator or Indesign, etc.

Another thing he brought up in the talk for happiness is to take control of your life and do what makes you feel best. But to add onto that by traveling and exploring to place and learn from different places and cultures. Especially in my circumstance, I want to travel as much as I can in the future. I feel its something that can change my perspective and make me realize things I had not before. Traveling and exploring can really open up new views and people to help even give someone inspiration. There is much to see in this world and so many ideas that come from everything around you to create something completely new.

The next Ted talk we watched in class was with Elizabeth Gilbert who is known for writing Eat, Pray, Love. She is not a graphic designer but what she spoke about really can resonate to graphic designers as a whole. She stressed that people tend to worry about those who are in the creative field and their mental health. Mention that they tend to ask us if we are afraid that we won’t strive to become what we want for our careers. They even assume we are scared that we may not be able to strive to want we want or to design something that people may not care about. But of course, she said yes, she was afraid, but even still it is her job as a writer to write. It’s like yes as a designer I want my work to speak to the masses but not every piece I make will do that. That’s just life and how it works in this day and age that it may appeal to some but not others. Even still it’s ok because there will be times your idea will get rejected. It’s perfectly normal to be afraid, but know that it should not stop you from designing something great.