• Image:   [Closests to my design roughly]
  • Major Program of Study:  Digital art | Animation | Character design
  • Academic Interests: Learning as much as possible when it comes to the design process using InDesign, photoshop etc. As well as trying to really dive deep into my own personal aesthetic/style to really know how I stylize things easily. Also trying to put what I learn to practice in my design process to really better practice for what I intend to do in the future for my long term career.
  • Bio: My name is Ezra and I’m from Rockaway Park, Queens. I love kpop [Korean pop music], anime, and character designing using paint tool sai. I’ve been drawing digitally for 4 years going on 5 in June/July I believe. My art style is more based on Japanese animation which has had a huge influence in my life since I was younger.
  • Email address: Shalimartorres33@gmail.com
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