Word of focus | “Friendship”

It’s always been hard for me when younger to make friends and create moments I would cherish in my life. When high school came around I really wanted to become the better version of myself and strive to open up to people more and gain real friends. I was lucky enough to earn that and then some once I entered college getting to know people who understand me more. Compared to high school I didn’t have many people surrounding me interested in art or the graphic field. In college, you are surrounded by people with very similar interests making things easier. I’m glad to now know the people I do now and to focus my Life in a Day with the moments¬†I fondly recorded to keep with me. All those moments and connections I shared with them shape my life each day as I move forward. My process while making this video was to gather all my favorite videos that I took of my friends¬†and combine it as a friendship video collage. Each video has a variety¬†of people I consider¬†my close friends¬†in the moments we shared together. I really wanted to comprise the videos that I can look back on and smile remembering those times where I was happy and smiling alongside those who I adore dearly. ¬†However, I¬†didn’t have the programs to really edit the video to my liking with what I had. Though I made it work to the best of my ability which I put my best effort in doing so to¬†finish it. I wished I had taken more videos landscape wise since I realized I had most of them in portrait view which made it seem less movie like. Nevertheless, I still feel like I achieved creating the video and making it work overall for this project despite all the trouble I had with removing/ adding video and putting in music.

Friendship Mind Map

Friendship | Life in a Day video