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I have been working on more Jewelry of the day trying to create different unique designs for each story. Its been quite difficult to come up with designs with limited photos and models. I spoke to my boss and wished to see more women of color since I have been seeing quite a lack of diversity when I started. I explained that it could really be a great way to seek out more clientele if women and men saw models that looked like them. She mentioned how she was looking for models of color so she was in search prior to me mentioning it and she did provide a few with the help of Megan.

Jewelry of the Day cont.

While working on JOTD I started a mini-story series called This or That which would bring in more engagement with the AJ and CV current clientele and new. I thought it could be a fun idea to see what everyone prefers more and to see as well who are those who are participating as well. For each TOT I would have a photo be the center for the question at hand so for the first one it was a matching necklace and bracelet pair. I wanted to see if people preferred matching sets or not since it was too matchy for them. It was fun to do and I plan on having a different look for the next few I would do to switch it up and keep things exciting. This is since my boss prefers a more different look each time for more unique content for their stories.  

However, while dealing with these story series for the past two weeks its been quite difficult in my personal life. Construction was happening to my apartment so it was very hectic in balancing time to create designs at a constant fast rate as I was. Then to boxing uploads of the items in my home and moving furniture and cleaning up after the workers, etc. My workload of making designs slowed down and my boss saw that and made a comment. Though I was professional about it since I let them know in advance that I would be dealing with this. I tried my best to balance my time as best as I could while dealing with construction to attending college, and working a part-time job of 30 plus hours a week. My boss didn’t seem to be so understanding as I thought they would be given my situation was mainly out of my hand since I had no choice. I realized that I need to find more ways to figure out to balance my time better since there may be clients and they expect their work done. Though I did post and give content while dealing with that situation. But, but I guess depending on who you are working for they will notice if you go from 5-8 posts uploaded to 2-3, etc. I take this as a lessoned learned but I made sure to communicate as best I could and still provide high-quality content to be posted. This was quite a stressful time but it’s now over and I plan on keeping my steady fast pace in creating content for both AJ and CV.


Third Story series | This or That