1Alzerina Jewelry

Alzerina Jewelry.
To inspire women all over the world to feel beautiful and elegant through our unique handcrafted jewelry at an affordable price. They want to provide our customers with an unforgettable online jewelry shopping experience that they can share with their family and friends. Promising to keep up to date with trends and current fashion to satisfy their customer needs. Their vision for Alzerina Jewelry is to be viewed and respected as a company for trusted leadership and brilliance in the jewelry industry. Alzerina has built its reputation in the United States, Paris, and Cabo Verde and would like to expand all over the world. Maintaining their unique handcrafted jewelry along with the expansion of our company. Alzerina’s main goal is to mentor Women and Children all over the world especially in Africa to follow their dreams. They want to guide underprivileged children on the right path through education and the proper opportunities they deserve. They want to create a positive change within the children and society itself.

This fall semester I will be working alongside the team of Alzerina Jewelry which is located in Brooklyn, New York. Due to COVID-19 Its a remote internship I’ll be taking from August 27th to December 17th so a bit over three months to help design their logo, Instagram/Facebook story posts, designs for their social media. I applied/found out about them through Indeed being they were the many internships I applied to and the only one to truly reach out to me for an interview. I was so grateful that they responded since I was quite worried after weeks of applying and not hearing back from any had gotten my hopes down. Though the interview process was great and I got to learn a bit more about Alzerina and what she would expect of me when/If I started working for her.

I am extremely glad to be working with them since a lot of their values as a company aligns with my own. Not only that a part of my dreams growing up was to have both a jewelry line/makeup brand. It’s interesting because for my senior project it was between those two topics for me to create either Jewelry or makeup up brand. I ended up with Red Velvet Beauty but still would love to make Cherry Bomb (name of my Jewelry Brand I would have created). So working for her will hopefully be a great learning experience so I know what to potentially be prepared for when that time comes. 

Some interesting facts about Alzerina Jewelry: They could be found in fashion magazines and on the sets of Warner Bros and Disney productions. Many celebrities including Sharon Stone, Olivia Wilde, and Katheryn Winnick wear her jewels. Miss Universe 2017, Miss USA 2017, and Miss Teen 2012/2013 are among her clients. Also, their goal is to develop a scholarship for underprivileged children in Cape Verde, Africa, to attend college. Through this scholarship, children from poor and struggling families will have a financial opportunity for education. The children we hope to help are those from severely financially struggling families that even the thought of attending college is the dream for them. They want to give these hopeful children the means to fulfill their dreams and work towards a future they never thought they could have which is something I valued in a company. Though the CEO is what intrigued me to apply since she started from is the fact she started from nothing to becoming a woman boss who strived to get where she is at now.  She left Cape Verde for Paris in early 1990 where she learned the craft of jewelry making while living in Paris. That’s when she had fallen in love with the Swarovski brand and it was at this time that the idea of becoming a jewelry designer began.