Email Marketing | Labor Day
A week or two into the internship Labor Day was coming up so my boss told me to work on some designs for Labor Day to have my fellow intern coworkers Megan/Ande (In charge of Instagram) and Siyi/Chandini (In charge of Cabo Verde Facebook/Instagram (sub-brand to Alzerina Jewelry) post on their designated social media platforms. Also, she wanted me to create an email marketing post that I’ve personally never known about until she mentioned it. I had to researched ideas but not really how would an actual email marketing look like so when I sent in these three designs she wasn’t so happy about them visually and sent me sample designs to work with (The 3 designs below).

I was quite frustrated since the designs below took some time and effort to think of and placement of all the details. Not only that she didn’t prior tell me what she wanted so, I took the creative freedom to create these. At first it was a bit overwhelming but after she sent what she wanted I was able to do just that (second design below). She adored this design much more since it appeared more like an email marketing design rather than my originals. This made me realize to prepare designs with additional research and ask for visual inspiration before I just went in to design something my boss would want. It’s interesting that I’m making mistakes but also learning so much in the process of doing designs for media that I have never done prior as well as the importance of asking a client what they have envisioned. I hope that I can continue to learn from these errors but thankfully my boss understands that I am an intern and mistakes are bound to happen but she’s sure I can make up for it every time. 

Second Story series | Labor Day & Jewelry of the Day
Quick note: AJ (Alzerina Jewelry)  |  CVB (Cabo Verde Believe)  |  JOTD (Jewelry of the Day)
Below are some Facebook/Instagram story posts for both Labor day (first two on top (Left to right) the next two are general daily posts (3rd and forth on the top row). The second row is a few of the starting designs for Jewelry of the Day which I created. I brought the idea up to my boss and group chat that I wanted to create another story series for both AJ and CVB (sub-brand). I’ve made a total so far from this posting seven JOTD designed posts for their SM platforms. Most of them have animation effects/video inserts using Canva but I can only post the flats on this post. I do one day an AJ design and then the next CVB design to give me more time than doing two each day for either account. I often show the design sometimes in the group chat or go directly to the ladies who post it to their designated social media accounts.