New words/new terminology that you had learned. Explain the meaning of each word.

Faction | when you combine documentary/factual or historical information with speculation/fiction. Where you’ve got a mix of a fact and something that as a director has an obligation to indicate to the audience what is the fact and what is the speculation.

Neuromarketing | a commercial marketing communication field that applies neuropsychology to marketing research, studying consumers’ sensorimotor, cognitive, and effective response to marketing stimuli.

3 most useful/important things we learned? And how it relates to you?

  1. Always work with a brand that suits you as a person that fits within what you stand for. For example, if a brand reaches out to you and wants you to showcase their milk brand. Though you don’t personally drink milk, do not work with them no matter how much they offer. You have to stand by your beliefs and work with a brand that sells something you personally enjoy, etc. I feel that’s very important for me to keep that in mind since I want my brand to fit me and only stick to that idea.
  2. You may get declined a lot in this field of work like how Morgan kept getting his movie declined over and over again. But even still but he continued to push his ideas to every new sponsor and never gave up. I want to keep that in mind that not everyone will enjoy my brand or work and that’s ok but to keep putting myself out there. Eventually, the right brand will find me or vise versa.
  3. Pay attention to contracts that you will have with your clients and or brands you work with. I realized he had many contracts with his sponsors and really needed to abide by their rules. One mistake and that contract can end or even worse you can get sued.

What is the main message of the film?

The main message of this film is the impact of product placement, marketing, advertising, and peoples opinions on the subject. Not only that but how difficult it can be to get sponsored by a  product that suits your brand as a person. As well as how controlling brands can be about the of what they want from you and how you carry out the display of their product. Due to this it sometimes you lose your own creativity within the purpose of getting them to sponsor the project. They want you to stick to what they want and you may not legally have control over that.

3 brands you feel has your brand personality and why?

Fenty Beauty | I love the whole idea of Fenty Beauty being aesthetically pleasing product wise but also the fact that its so inclusive and breaking barriers in the beauty industry. It speaks volumes to how the founder Rihanna has really put herself out there to reach all different types of people. From her makeup line to her lingerie line that has even sizes above the normal “beauty standards”. I appreciate all the open representation and it really speaks to how I want to live my life and my brand for the future. Fenty is a company that has the values In wish I share myself and I want to withhold for my own brand.

Target | If I could shop in one store for the rest of my life it would be Target for all my needs. Its filled with everything and everyone that I know loves them for supplying things to the everyday person. You step in and you leave with bags filled with items from what you want and need. With that said I want my brand to be the same you come in for what you want and you leave with more than you asked for but it was worth it in the end. Great service to build relationships with the people I wish to provide for in the future as they leave with content.

ASOS | If I’m not shopping at target I’m found often on ASOS’s application on my phone. I love how they have everything that is affordable to a bit more high end available on it. A bonus for again giving options to those who are on the larger size of the spectrum. It’s a company that I often purchase from and recommend to all of my personal friends to shop on. Trendy and inclusive which is something I hope to carry on in my personal life and business.

Discuss shameless self-promotion.

When it comes to shameless self-promotion I feel as though there is no harm in it. I personally do it myself especially when what I’m promoting I’ve worked very hard on and passionately. I spent hours of blood, sweat, and tears on something I’m proud to call my own so why not share it? It’s voicing your work and yes it can be frustrating at times depending. Though it’s worth it in the end if it gets the recognition that it rightfully deserves. So if a person wants to voice their brand, their products, their ideas I have every right to praise them and hope they can continue it. It is basically the idea of spreading concepts/ideas that you give people something to cheer for.