Quick note: AJ (Alzerina Jewelry)  |  CV (Cabo Verde)  | JS (Jewelry Silhouette)

During this time I decided to continue with the JS designs and make more using some of AJ and CV’s popular pieces. But also continuing to make designs for the men’s collection was important. My boss wanted more designs for the men since the men’s collection does not get as much attention as the woman. I made two extra men on the lower bottom right with the tweaks my boss needed for them to be posted. This series is completed and took a lot of final tweaks to make it fitted to how AJ and CV wanted the jewelry paired with the silhouettes.

This series was visually a favorite since it fit my personal aesthetic for thin lines and minimalism but, the most difficult to create given how specific my boss wanted the silhouettes to look with the jewelry. It took a lot of patience and understanding to pull through a majority of these designs but I’m glad the series is completed. There are going to be situations like this that will occur so I’m glad I got this experience to help me learn to manage the critics and tweaks a boss would want. Now I can say I’m ready to face that battle as a designer once again when the time comes.

Jewelry Silhouette cont.

Since it was October I wanted to make posts for Breast Cancer Awareness month.  I wanted AJ and CV to come across as that the company supports the woman who has dealt with their battles with cancer. It was important for me to pull through with my own values and the team when I mentioned the idea was very much in favor. I was so glad that my boss then gave the green light and I started off with the first four designs and then the last two on the bottom right (left-right).

For the first one on the bottom second to the left, she wanted us to showcase a piece of jewelry with the text. I did a lot of trial and error with different pieces of earrings until I found the one that suited visually. It was quite a process but by the end of it, I managed to create the two on the left using jewelry to really sell that they are a jewelry company but also very in support of Breast Cancer Awareness month. I’m very proud of this series since it’s something that was important to me. As well, that I found a place to work that was in favor of this series before I had even mentioned it before October began.

Fifth Story series | Breast Cancer Awareness