Since its October I was expected to make general daily fall posts using their fall collection pieces. I tried to stick to gold + brown + orange tones to give the impression visually of fall. The top three below are fall posts specifically I used quotes to call the attention as well as playful puns. I wanted to use elements that give off the appeal of fall that for example to first and second (left to right). Then the last one on the right top row is more so the vibe of fall that is not as clear but, the “fall-ing for you” then leads to it being a fall post.

I have been working on a lot more general posts since they are easier for me to come up with since it’s very clear. When designing general posts I have a bit more creative freedom to try different ideas, colors, elements, etc. The bottom row is more general daily posts with the first one on the left being a simple monochromatic color scheme (gold), the next Is a potential series I want to do with using hand silhouettes. Lastly, the final one on the bottom right is a quote I found that I wanted to showcase with fun colors and minimal elements.

General Story posts | Fall edition + Bonus Jewelry Quote

An important idea I wanted to do to pair with woman breast cancer month is woman empowerment quotes. I want to encourage the idea of women remembering their worth is so important but also words said by a successful woman. My boss herself is the CEO of her own brand and she absolutely adored the idea of me finding quotes from women of power and status stating quotes that support their fellow woman. It’s a very important message to showcase since the majority of Alzerina and Cabo Verde Believe clients are women. They do create jewelry for men but the majority are jewelry pieces for women on their site.

After researching I found quotes that stood out to me from women like Maya Angelou who was a poet, memoirist, and civil rights activist, to the previous first lady Michelle Obama, Melinda Gates American philanthropist and co-founder of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. I plan on continuing my research on famous quotes from women who strive for greatness. I want to spread messages of positivity to my fellow woman through my designs which is something my boss and I align with our values.

Sixth Story series | Woman Empowerment Quotes + Bonus General