During class today we spoke about the majority about Ad Agencies and Graphic design agencies. Ad agencies and GD agencies are very similar to one another and often get mistaken for each other. The difference is quite drastic but also similar on that note. As a Graphic designer, we should know the difference between either agency. It was pretty informative to listen for when we head out into the real world.

For example in an ad agency would possibly have a pitched idea. A company would require it with RFP, which stands for Request for Proposal. They send those concepts and plan it to send to many different companies that will in turn pitch back ideas. They with giving an idea that sounds the best of them all and chooses who to give the job. Though sometimes they may or may not go for any of the concepts from either company that the agency had requested a proposal from. Even so, whether the two agencies are completely opposing they can expand and take more work from one another and grow to become more similar from both graphic design and ad agencies.

In another case, a person may give a design agency to create packaging, while an ad will basically inform you to buy what the product is.  A design agency is more focused on how a product works, made and what it will become in the long run. Ad agencies goal is to market the product itself, creating content/ad campaigns to appeal to their intended audience. Compared to a graphic design firm an ad agency has more stable incomes compared to an ad agency. Ad agencies tend to have a much lower salary rate compared to graphic design agencies.