During our second meeting, we began the class by watching a short Pixar film called Piper made in 2016. The film showed a small baby bird with his mother trying to push it to go find food on its own. The underlining of the film was basically that you have to fight your fears, learn from others, and share and give back on what you have learned. It’s true that we have to do this in the real world especially when it comes to our designing process, etc. If you don’t face your fears you may not learn from it and not progress. We as designers need to have a clear picture of what we want to do in this world. We need to learn to accept rejection and critiques without doubting our work. At and of the day we should take it as learning lessons to better our work. We as designers sometimes have to realize we cannot please everyone but rather keep pushing forward.
When it comes to what kind of graphic designer am I? I’m not entirely sure how to answer this question. I feel as though I when it comes to my style it’s definitely more minimal that I favor. I am able to leave that barrier and do more colorful/bubbly designs. This basically means I can roll with what a client shoots at me so since I’m favorable to both. I strive to always be the best designer that I can be meaning I’m always trying to learn from others. Sometimes I have the tendency to be competitive naturally which really pushes me to try harder. A part of me always wants people to be satisfied with my work and to really see how hard I try. Although, with that said I have a bad habit of doubting my work at times and not seeing what others see. I doubt myself more than I would like but I know its something I need to work on but I know one day I’ll be proud.
In the design industry, I would love to be cultured in a bit of everything when it comes to designing. Although if I had to be specific I would want to fit more into magazine design and package design. I really love magazines growing up I would collect Seventeen and Teen Vogue for years and still till this day. I always loved feeling the pages in my hand seeing all the trends and learning new things from them. Its always been a passion of mine to have my own magazine company. On that note too having to design for my favorite makeup brands packaging would also be an experience I’d love to do. I enjoy seeing packaging for products that really are unique and designed nicely so it’s something I’ve gotten passionate about over the years. Though, as they say, “print is dead” and it worries me for the future but I don’t personally think that will stop my future plans.
What is my strong suit when it comes to graphic design? I feel as though it would be layout and keeping things aesthetically pleasing on the minimal note. I’m really fond of minimalist style and having everything where it needs to be in a clear and forward manner. I also am great at choosing fonts for logos and display type, etc. This is why my preferred program to use for designing is Indesign and illustrator are where I feel most comfortable designing. I have people who are often in the same field as me asking for help. They usually ask me to choose a font for a design or to help them set up a layout. I’m that go-to person for that advice since it’s something I happen to be great at and I believe in helping a fellow designer.
In conclusion, I learned that there will be constant difficulties a graphic designer will need to face. From self-doubt to rejection and we need to learn how to take it head on and move forward. From that, we can learn what to do for the next time around and pass our learning experiences to another in need. Especially the film Piper by Pixar we can watch it and seems he deep core meaning to it relating to our lives. It was very interesting to see how the professor related the film to our circumstances as designers. Even including it for us in class to watch it while finding the message within it. We all will go through similar situations and what we need to take from it is growth. A