research essay pre-draft

Kelsey Melendez
English 1101

Children all over the United States are forced into foster care. Without no say in the matter.
Forced to live in a house with other people whom they don’t know at all. Around adults and children
who they have no connection to. No longer having their mother and father, rather complete strangers
who would be paid by the government to take care of them. Children in foster care are subjected to
abuse. Whether it is mental, physical, or verbal abuse. A child’s life can be changed traumatically by
these events happening. Since abuse has such an impact on the lives of foster children, then it will also
have an effect on the happiness of those in foster care. A child’s well-being can be affected negatively
depending on whether they have been abused or not.

Abuse put on a young child, it doesn’t matter if they are in foster care or not. This has a huge
effect on the well-being of a child. Children are who they are based on the environment they were
exposed to. Environment has everything to do with a child’s well-being. A child should not be exposed to
negative environments where they are exposed to abuse by those who are supposed to take care of
them. But instead hurt them. A child’s environment being unstable it negative. Foster care is puts
children in positions where the people they are put to live with have a choice whether or not they want
to stay with them or have them put in a other home. A child being passed around from one house to
another makes then very unstable as a person. Environments that the children are placed in have effect
of the child’s life in general. They can have trust issues with other people, because they have never had
a stable environment. Most children in foster care are put in homes that are unstable, but it also said
that even though a child is in foster care if they are in a stable environment the child will benefit from it,
since they are in a stable environment.
Children in Children in foster care are found to have mental issues. Although these mental issues can be
solved or kept from increasing worst. Those who are in foster care and also have mental health issues
will have an increase in these issues. This is because while in foster care they are being neglected by not
being given medicine nor being given the treatment they may need. So instead of them getting better
they will get worst. This may not be considered a type of abuse it is because a child is being neglected
and the child is being putting at risk. Children in foster care are put with people who have not been
evaluated or even given background checks to make sure that they don’t have any pass issues or any
mental health issues. This is being neglectful towards those children in foster care because they are not
being given the max amount of care that they should be given.

Children in foster care that have been subjected to abuse have had changed in their life. For
example their behavior. The child may act different towards interaction with other because they are
scared of what that other person may do to them due to pass abuse. School can be affected by a child
being abused. They will figure why care about school? They will tend to act out and may have anger
management issues. Abuse at a young age can also cause the child to go through so many emotions
including depression. Which at a young age a child should not be going through. Feelings of anxiety and
stress are things that child shouldn’t be forced to feel. They shouldn’t be exposed to these things at such
a young age. Making their lives a mess before they have really started. Which can make it harder to
happy and at piece at a later time in their life due to the traumatic events that they were put though at
young ages.

Affect of happiness on abused children in foster care

Happiness is something so broad. So picking just one topic was kind of difficult. Until I came up with the happiness in foster children. I chose to focus on abused children in foster care, because that is something that’s is going on a lot in thia century. When it came down to researching my topic ally of things came up. Out of all the topic their were about happiness I chose this one. Children are a big part of society because they are the future generation. To know that children in foster care; put their by the government are being abused it disturbing. Children put to live with all these different families with no questions asked.
I want to focus on the environment he foster children in on a daily basis. Whether or not they have friends or if they or antisocial. How they are in school. All these things can be a affected if a child has been abused. It doesn’t what kind of abuse it may be;mental, verbal, or physical. Abuse is abuse. There are so many children in the world being abused in foster care. But what I don’t understand is why you don’t see it in the news, or at least see arrest being made. Children are missing out on their youth and happiness all because of the situation they are in.


I found an article on Google scholar based on abuse in foster care children. A test was constructed about mental health problems in foster children; an affect of them being abused. It showed how their was behavioral changes in the children. A sign of mental health issues in the children. Being abused can have an impact on your life.