Todays Class Notes

Economy= money$$

-de blasio is the mayor of new york

-primary elections happen before officail electoion/when 2 o more candidates are chosen.

-the dominate 2 parties are..demoratic and republican

-de blasio won for the democratic party and lhota won for the republican party but in the end it was de blasio who won it all!

-when writing an analysis you have to think about argumentative, using claims and evidence.

-new on openlab(learning community happiness archive) idea from sara ahmed.

happiness is effected by society.


consituents-means supporters

summary-over review of what was said

analysis-developing your own idea/ making your own argument

argumentative-claim/prove something related to the topic(persuasive or thesis)

marginalze(verb)-to make something marginal(adj) they dont share in the same priveledges as other people

For Example





normativ(adj)-typical or acting inan exceptable manner

normal(adj) norms(noun)

abnormal-act in a way that is not normal

stigma-labled in a bad way

connotation-the association of a word

dennotation-dictionary defintion

statu quo-the way things are

attend-to pay attention

archive-delt with/save it

tangent-not directically


cohere-to bring together



Changing for the better

In both speeches by bill de blasio and joe lhota, they both portray that they care about New York City and want to make it a better and safer place to live. When de blasios speech began he started with how he loved Brooklyn, which was where his speech was said. He spoke about 9/11 which was smart because he showed his sympathy towards those who were lost that day and also brought everyone’s emotions to the surface. He explained how on that day many helped each other and that’s what he wants New York City to become again. A place when people help each other. He says that New York is a “tale of two cities”. We have the wealthy; those who’s life couldn’t get any better. Then we have nearly half the city who’s at or very close to the poverty line. De blasio explains how New Yorkers and made to think big and so great things so why settle for less. Wealthy people have problems paying a few extra dollars in taxes not knowing that’s those few dollars help fund school programs.

Joe lhota is a little different from de blasio in the way that he doesn’t care about New Yorkers as much and de blasio expressed he did. He wants New York to become better in all ways possible and to do that we have to come together or in others words become united at one! He says that they are 4 things that can bring us to victory, 1. Issues 2. Visions 3. Experiences and 4. Principles. Lhota believes in the term stop and frisk, but not knowing that people may think he supports racial profiling since most stop and frisk are done on African Americans. Lhota feels that this is the main way that safety can be assured. When really this is not the only way their are others. What stop and frisk is causing is for many people to resent Nypd.

Both candidates expressed the importance of family and how each hot their families mean a lot to them. But they were different in many ways. De blasio showed more compassion in what he was saying and trying to prove in his speech while lhota wasn’t as compassionate as de blasio was. They both cared about New York City and wanted the best for the people. But they focused on different aspects. De blasio wanted us to become able to help each other like many did on 9/11. Lhota didn’t focus in past experiences but rather what he wanted to happen.

Why have money if you can’t have happiness to???

In ” how to buy happiness” by Sonja lyubomirsky she explains that it is so believed that “money can buy happiness” when in reality it can’t. When college students were asked where they wanted to be in life they basically said being very good financially. Isn’t that the American dream? The truth is you can be happy making minimum wage and miserable make $200,000 a year. Sonja says that when people first come into the life of money they are happy but then as time goes on they become used to it and their life becomes just as normal as those with less money then them. In the article a plastic surgent was asked if he was happy with his job. His response was the opposite of what you would expect a man of his status to say! He answered that at first it was good but then he became basically unhappy and unsatisfied by his job. He was making all this money and living a life that many would only dream to live and he was unhappy! Why have money when it only caused problems. Money shouldn’t only be spent on you because that’s what you call being selfish. You should think of others and what they would want. Only happiness will come out of helping somone else other then yourself. Money has more power then people think. Most people think it’s just their so you can spend it on whatever you want when you should really be seeing how you can help other maybe even have a huge affect on the world in a positive way.

My thoughts on this is that I completely agree with this. I’m sure everyone would want to wake up tomorrow being a millionaire and being able to buy whatever their hearts desire. But in the end you will get tired of your life, it’s like your life is a movie being played over and over agin and eventually you will get bored. Money has it’s limits! It’s always nice to have enough money where you can live comftable Knowing that your bills are paid and you have a house and shelter but once money become to much things change. The last sentence stood out to me the most because I believe it had the most meaning and basically summed up the how article. ” the key to buying happiness is not in how financially successful we are, but what we do with it; it’s not how hight our income is, but how we allocate it. ” This quote explains how it’s not how much money you have it what you do with it and that’s how true happiness is fulfilled; by doing more with something then you actually thought you could ever do.

HUS Chapter 1

1.    Some problems in living are people being talked about in the media. For example people who have physical or mental issues and those who are victims of crime and abuse etc. These people are sometimes humiliated on TV, basically being exposed for who they are and what they have done. Their well-being can and will be affected because they might not be happy or as comfortable in their life as they were once before.

2.¬†¬†¬†¬† “human services addresses problems in living, with a focus on both the individual or group and the situation or event” Ways that humans services can aid in the aid of the well being of the clients is by not by trying to fix them, but why helping them help themselves. The point is that you cant help someone that doesn’t want to be helped because then in the end you are just wasting theirs and your time.

3.¬†¬†¬†¬† Utilizing and interdisciplinary approach within the work of a human services professional can aid to the well being of a client/society by helping the client in all the ways that they may need help. Human service workers learn how to understand the client better which leads to the client coming out better then the way they came in. You cant help someone if your don’t understand them or know their feelings. Understanding is key.

4.¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†Social care, social¬†control and rehabilitation contributes to the well being of an individual. Social care helps those who need it and have no one else to turn to. Social care is something that¬†is given to¬†people who want it but necessarily don’t need it but¬†don’t want¬†to help themselves so they seek it from somewhere else.¬†Rehabilitation helps¬†people who have previously have a problem and are still working on fixing it so that they don’t relive the situation again.

5.  The relationship between the worker and the client can be an integral part in the well- being of an client, because the relationship you form with your client can determine weather or not they trust you or not. If they do they will allow you to help them and they will tell you everything you need to know so that you can. But if the client does not trust you then you will get nowhere because the client feels no need to tell you anything.

6.     The clinical/professional job tasks the human services professional performs in aiding the well-being of the client is that the worker makes the client feel in a safe place using a trick that in the end the client feels that the worker helped them a lot and made the problems go away when really the client helped themselves. They just needed to realize they needed the help.

7.¬†¬†¬†¬† Being a generalist human service worker aids in the well–being of those they serve because they are able to do many different things not just one thing. Meaning that they can work with more then one type of person, they can work with many. Having this can better help the client since the worker knows more or less what they are going through.

8.     The clinical/professional may steer the client to be self-sufficient because they have learned to help themselves and not have to depend on other people to help them. They are able to do things on their own. They have more self esteem and confidence and believe in themselves more then they have before.

9.     The human services delivery system provides alameda with social care, social control, and rehabilitation in order to create a path of well-being in her life. They gave her many opportunities to help herself. For example they offered programs to her. Since she had a child they tried to help her with that and see what were the best things that would best help the child. They refused to let her relapse into a world where she once was so they helped her as much as they could.

10.¬†¬†¬†¬† Evidence based practice knowledge can be utilized by the professional to aid in the clients well being is that they try to give them options and support so that they may better the life that they have. They don’t want there client to go back to where they once were in life because then everything would have been for nothing.






Can money really buy happiness??

In”how to buy happiness” by Elizabeth Dunn and Michael Norton it is said that money is always portrayed in a way that may seem that it can buy happiness. When in reality it can’t. In the second paragraph of the story it explains “money dress out out selfish sides”. In some cases is true cause most people only think of themselves and how the money can Benoit them not how they can help people. But on the other hand very few people help others mainly their family with their financial issues. Money can actually make you sad, because all the money in the world doesn’t matter if you have no one to share it with. Elizabeth Dunn and Michael Norton explain that although you may go from a small house to a nicer one doesn’t mean that your happiness will increase in anyway

Your life might get easier and nicer but your happiness will stay the same and maybe even lesson. You can live in the smallest apartment ever and still be more happier then someone who is rich and living in a lavish house. So the saying money buys you happiness isn’t true it may make you happy at first cause your able to buy everything you want but in the end you will still be you and still comes from the same places and still have the same friends and family so with or without money you can always be happy!


Hi everyone, my name is Kelsey Melendez and just like all of you I am majoring in human services. Eventually after I finish my 4 years at city tech I expect that I will go into grad school so that I can be qualified to become a psychiatrist. At first I told myself that I wanted to be in this career to help people but now that I think about it my job won’t be to help be it will be to listen to them and let them figure out how to help themselves. Although at first I thought I want to be a psychologist, but then I thought they aren’t doctors. So I decided to switch up a bit and go into being a psychiatrist.

This is all new to me. Just a few months ago I was at the top living the senior life. But now it feels like I’m starting all over again when in reality I’m just beginning my journey. I have a feeling it’s goin. To be a great year

p.s I look forward to getting to know each and every one of you in my human services class!