Project 1 – lost & found | step 4: deliver

These images above are the final draft of this project. Throughout Β this project I learned a numerous amount of things. One being that I have to be patient and trust that the work will get better , draft after draft. If I were to redo this project I would have gotten a better tracing paper that was more I guess visible. To add on to what I would have bought, is a thin brush because it was difficult going through the tight areas in my piece. Overall I learned the difference between ambiguous and obvious figure/ground relationships. My final piece compared to my refined there is a difference in the ambiguous, One being that the coloring to totally different and I gave it more definition and personality. When looking back to my first sketch you can see that I keep the image bland and boring. In my final piece you see the change.

4 thoughts on “Project 1 – lost & found | step 4: deliver

  1. Esther Glasgow

    I am in total awe. I especially ‘dig’ the second one because it somehow gives me a description of how african art came about – cave painting specifically. It looks like happy people celebrating. Well done and keep up the good work.


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