Lost and Found project 1- Step 1

Obvious 1

The image is a geometric shape. Its clearly circler with a few bumps on the edges. The relationship between the figure and background is the difference of monochrome. The contrast is really bright between them. The image is obvious because the circle takes up about 30% of the foreground.

obvious 2

The shape is also geometric. The shape is hexagonal in overall shape. The relationship between the figure and background is a weird one. The use of contrast are on the shape but the black goes on to the background. This means on the dark side, the figure wouldn’t keep its hexagon shape. The is obvious because again this takes up about 30% of the whole image.

Obvious 3

This one is geometric. The image has a background with similar monochromes to it. its mixed with two shapes with both being in the lighter shape of gray. This is obvious because the figure stands bigger and sticks out.

Ambiguous 1

This image contains many shapes with different monochromes. Its round in some places but also look like the liquid of a lava lamp. This makes the edges of the shapes look organic. Since the figure consist of many shapes with two contrast, it would be hard to tell what sin front and what’s in the back.

Ambiguous 1

This is another rectangle shaped figure. Its geometric but more wavy and folded. The relationship between the figure and background is the almost perfect spacing of the positive and negative space. if this was adjusted then it would be perfect. This is ambiguous because base on the shape itself. It would be easier to tell the difference if the first half was cropped.

Ambiguous 3

This is the most difficult to find. I had to go looking for this image. The shape seems organic since there is no clear geometric shape within this image. The relationship would letting be the negative space being small in some locations while the positive takes up a large about of space.

Story for all images (combine in one paragraph)

The busy streets of New York is not too kind to the things within it. The things we create or put there all have their story on how and or why they got there. Not every try is usable. A circle like figure was a leftover from a delicious meal and was toss aside on the cold hard pavement. The same can be said for another paper like figure. This one was left alone next to the trash when it’s owner failed to aim it in the bin. These two figure gets constantly stepped and rolled on until the magic moving bin swipes them away. Wings are not needed to fly where this thing is going. All it needs is the wind to carry it on its journey to freedom from the deadly valley below. As for the other figures, nature are not so kind to them. Constant rain and oxygen doesn’t make the metal. Not being able to move like the figure above can lead to being abuse by the creatures and the air around them. The lava shape figure could get to this state by other creatures with sharp claws and other organisms that might find this figure as a snack. The jagged shapes can be from the elements chipping away at it and the tape from content posters plated on it making at the damage worst.

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About Brianna Edwards

My name is Brianna Edwards. I'm in my first sophomore year in City Tech. I'm not sure on what I want to do yet but I'm thinking of being an illustrator. I've drawn on paper and digital media. I also want to tell my own story through drawings. I still feel like I have many things to learn so I'm looking forward to see how far I can go. I'm also interested in animation. I have never properly animated before but I've grown up on them and I can't just let them go. So I still watch them now.

1 thought on “Lost and Found project 1- Step 1

  1. Esther Glasgow

    I am laughing and I could imagine the times we tried to aim a piece of paper in the bin just because we did not feel like getting up or just did not not want to get close. We all have experienced one of those days. In New York City, this is something that will always cease to amaze me.

    In fact, I like and salute your effort in the details you have put into this project.


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