ARCH 3610 Connecting Students with Professionals around the World

I developed ARCH 3611 as a new elective that would allow students to further explore a topic in such the manner as an undergraduate thesis.  Over the years, this course became a required course (ARCH 3610).  For the last ten semesters, I have had the students create an online blog to document all the research and design work they have done throughout the semester.  I also connected them with online reviewers, which are Architects located all around the world that followed and commented on their work throughout the semester.  I began to co-teach this course with Professor Dikigoropoulou over the last six semesters.  We were able to expand the range of online reviewers, the project size and locations.  As Professors we too followed the blogs and gave comments to each post.  The students learned how to present and communicate in a professional manner and keep excellent records of their work.  At the end of the semester, not only do the students have a final project, but a documented publication online of the process along with contacts throughout the world.

Here are some examples:

Marlon Cox       

David Wu              

April Turner

Here is an overview of the Research and Development of Blogging and Online Reviewers

Connecting Students with Professionals around the World